Faisalabad International Airport

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Passenger upsets

Its not good sign of information in airport flight status,if not changing status of flight after land and depart even its been up to hours.

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re: Upgradation of Faisalabad Airport

The government has realized late that there should be international flights operation from Faisalabad. Still a lot of has to do for the advancement of the airport. Apart from the airport, government should think of building more parks, recreation centers, medical centers, sanitation, disposal of garbagge, water and above all, establishment of High Court Bench, which is very important. It is shameful that third biggest city of Pakistan has no high court bench.

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my comments on faisalabad city n fsd airport

Faisalabad is the largst village of Pakistan, i can t understand that nawaz group won all the seats from fsd,even they did not get 100% result from lhr ,shabaz sharif n nawaz both ignoring fsd for a long time ,there is no place to visit,no good airport ,no parks for the public ,no wonderland park for kids,no metro ,i dont know why the people voted to them. There is only 1 or 2 ministers,lots in Lahore.Fsd plz wake up ,they both make u fools.OK

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Flight schedule

Qatar airways has flight schedule of Thursday.

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any update of Jeddah.Riyadh flights

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Well come

Dear all intr flights well come to our LYP pakistan

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Faisalabad airport

i do agree with this, fsd ariport should be renovated

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faisalabad airport

about 40 percent passengers from faisalababad use lhr and isl airport everyday all travell agents with fsd chamber and industrialists must send proposal to upgrade fsd terminal , runway to pro ,federal govt. and caa ,, all faisalabdis and mna and mpa must protest for their right til end ,, follow my comments and best of luck .... Allah Hafiz naeem siraj galbia

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Faisalabad Airport

It is amazing that the workout for the upgradation of Faisalabad Airport is still in paper works. Nore the businessmen or the government is interested. They sit together on a round table, drink tea and eat snacks, and then go home. Practically, their performance is nil. It was some six months ago when the commissioner was so eager to call a meeting in four days on the issue, but no result came out until now. We can pray to Allah to give them the wisdom.

Best wishes to those who love Faisalabad.


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re: i like new to a new big airpoart constracted in faisalab

big city and why govt. dont give special for construction of new big airport or upgradation of this airport lot of dmstic and int passengers are available because of world renowned textile city in pakistan any way pls think over faisalabadian comments thnks and Allah Hafiz

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Faisalabad International Airport view thread | reply

Web site is poorly managed,i cant navigate the website,seems to me is a useless website.

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i like new to a new big airpoart constracted in faisalabad b

i like new to a new big airpoart constracted in faisalabad because faisalabad is a third largest city of pakistan I Love Faisalabad and I Love Pakistan Please Follow my Comments ok Allah Hafiz

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