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re: Talkeetna Airport Noise Pollution and Invation of Privac

Talkeetna airport opened in 1949. Unless you're over 60 years old, the airport got there before you did.

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Talkeetna Airport Noise Pollution and Invation of Privacy

The Talkeetna Airport and the massive amount of summer tourist flights (mostly going to Denali) is a major contributor to noise pollution and invasion of privacy in the small town of Talkeetna and the surrounding area. The local residents who live here all year and don't make money off tourism should have the right to enjoy their summers also without having to wear ear plugs just to get some piece and quiet. The small planes constantly going over our homes sometimes too low is also an invasion of our privacy and a major annoyance. The only locals who are for tourism are the ones making money off them. Tourism has ruined Talkeetna it has become a town of tourist whores.

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