Poro Point Naval Base Helipad
Poro Point (San Fernando), La Union Province, Philippines

Changes to PH-0021

2017-12-06 21:50:27



New helipad replacing PH-0021 (duplicate). See:; and,120.2898392,174a,35y,39.5t/data=!3m1!1e3

Changed type from "medium_airport" to "heliport"
Changed name from "Casiguran Airport" to "Poro Point Naval Base Helipad"
Changed municipality from "Casiguran" to "Poro Point (San Fernando)"
Changed latitude_deg from "16.1939" to "16.6064"
Changed longitude_deg from "122.065" to "120.29"
Changed keywords from "Casiguran" to "Poro Point, San Fernando"
Changed region_code from "PH-AUR" to "PH-LUN"
Changed region_name from "Aurora Province" to "La Union Province"
Changed region_local_code from "AUR" to "LUN"

2017-12-02 21:45:49



New domestic airport. See:; and,122.0643086,1056a,35y,39.15t/data=!3m1!1e3

Casiguran Airport