Simferopol International Airport

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Simferopol International Airport

Simferopol International Airport is an airport in Simferopol, de facto the capital of the Republic of Crimea. Built in 1936, the airport today has one international terminal and one domestic terminal.

On 14 May 2015, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine which, de facto, has no control over the airport, voted to rename it Amet-khan Sultan International Airport in memory of Amet-khan Sultan. Another airport named after Amet-khan Sultan is Uytash Airport located in Makhachkala, Dagestan. However, in 2018, Russian citizens voted for the airport to be named after the painter Ivan Aivazovsky after Amet-khan's name was not allowed in the list of final three options to vote for despite being the most popular in the preliminary round of voting.

Since the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation in 2014, the airport is only used for flights to and from Russian airports due to limited international recognition of the annexation.

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Following international practice

Most countries in the world do not recognise Russia's annexation of Crimea. Until/unless that changes, we will continue to list this airport is in an occupied region of Ukraine. Please do not edit to change that — repeated efforts to change it will result in account suspension.

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re: Crimea

Hi Bill35! In the current iteration of the database: neither Crimea nor Sevastopol are selectable as independent entities or as subdivisions of Russia, only as subdivisions of Ukraine. The United Nations continues to consider Crimea and Sevastopol as Ukrainian territory occupied by Russia. There are instances where OurAirports diverges from strict UN interpretation (ie. Taiwan, Kosovo) and note that the islands of the southern Kuril chain are reckoned as strictly Russian and not Japanese (mirroring decades of de facto control), but for the most part, I believe this site adheres to UN and IATA policy.

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This airport is in "Region": Autonomous Republic of Crimea(Автономная Республика Крым) ISO code UA-43.

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Remanded to Website Owner

I am too busy adding unlisted airports and heliports throughout the world to continue to deal with this regional spat. I have remanded this to the OurAirports administrator for an official decision. If he decides to add Crimea and Sevastopol as subdivisions of the Russian Republic, then that's up to him.

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Please stop moving this airport to Russia.

Unless and until the UN recognizes the occupation of the Crimean Peninsula by Russia, we should continue to list all airports in Crimea as being in Ukraine. There is no subdivision for Crimea or Sebastopol under the Russia heading. This is not the time or place for nationalistic sentiment -- this is simply abiding by the good-faith standards of database maintenance.

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Russian control

This airport is in Crimea, still internationally recognised as part of Ukraine but under Russian military control. Due to international sanctions, only Russian flights are using the airport.

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what to expect at Simferopol Airport

By the standards of a former Soviet county, the airport is not bad, clean, with OK toilets, and little cafe, a very basic duty free. It could be so much more, but staff are fairly friendly, at least functional and obliging. Really nothing to do there though, no where to spend your money

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Здравствуйте я здесь новенький!

Всем привет! Хотел похвалить Ваш сайт. Мне здесь очень понравилось.

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Good High Quality Runway and more european facilities good atc and nice friendly ground services. We flew from UKFK were it was a complete disaster and we expected the same here. However i was wrong. Expensive services however still much cheaper than in the states or europe.

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re: Review

Reply to @trozanov:

Shame the custom officers behave like they must rob every traveller, creating their own rules as they go.

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