Utley Field

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Utley Field is not the home base for any OurAirports members. It has had no visits from members.

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Report from personal visit

I was able to access this field via ground transportation during a previous visit to Bastrop in 2017-2019; it's a pretty rudimentary and obviously private grass strip, little more than a mowed patch of grass beaten down by plane tires. But it's definitely there.

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Utley Field Located.

I've moved the GPS coordinates to the location of this private strip.

Picture of thod

Found utley texas

Found utley, texas in google:


dont know if there is an airfield there? It's at 97.41deg W compared to 97.4 deg E that this airport have as position...

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re: Found utley texas

Reply to @thod: I changed the latitude of the airport from 0 to the same as the latitude of Utley TX, and I've changed the +97.41 to -97.41. Still don't see an airport there.

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This can't be right?

Location of this field must be wrong?

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re: This can't be right?

There's no airport of this name in the FAA or Eurocontrol data.

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