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Chennai domestic airport is one of the dirties airports

I am a frequent domestic traveler, i can say Chennai airport especially the toilets are really dirty with bad odor the maintenance staff is not doing their job.

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Parking fee scam at Trichy airport

Now a days in Trichy airport the contractors are looting the customers like any thing for parking. The free parking is 5 minutes, even if we come within five minutes, they are charging the fare. They are doing fraud with the timings. While entering the are giving a machine printed slips, while coming out, they are checking the time manually and telling the time exceeded more than five minutes.

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worst int airport in India

The toilets are filthy and mainly used by airport staff. Why is there not a separate toilet facility for staff? No special queue for Business passengers, both at Immigration & Security. No privileged lounge for Biz passengers. Same layouit as Domestic airport, badly built, badly finished, cheap. How much the contractors and politicians must have cheated!

François Gautier

French journalist

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Chennai kuudhi airport parking

Parking pundaya da nadathuringa. Taevidiya pasangala. Endha polapuku vunga pondatiya kuuti kudunga da.

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Airport staff unprofessional behaviour - Gulf Air

I reached 45 min prior to counter open and there is a queue formed for Gulf Air. The time was 2:15am. There is some Airport Staff came around 3:00am and suddenly opened a counter next to thw queue and asked those passenger came late and standing at last to check in first. On other words to say they reversed the queue

I raised my voice against it. Those cunning staff when I reach for check in they split my ticket from my family and told flight is full there is no three seats available together even though only few passengers crossed me

Because of I raised my voice against there unprofessional behaviour they revenged me

This is a very worst attitude, try to give priority for passengers travelling with family especially kids

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Parking fee board..never seen

Why is it the conteactor never puts a board on fee for parking at entrance and exit. Bad practises lead to extortion. Time to change the contractor.

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Staff without ID AND UNIFORM

The staff @car parking and exit are rude and don't wear ID

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Chennai Airport OFFICIAL website is silent about PARKING facility and charges. What are the 36h or full-day charges at Airport? No one can find out from available official information

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I had used free 10min parking in Chennai Airport many times. Not once, I paid the Rs.135 so many are complaining about. I ensured: 1) Take the Token/Ticket at entry and CHECK the IN TIME correctly. 2) Exit before 10min clearly.

Dont complain if you stay 10min 22 sec. It is chargeable! We are so accustomed to little freebee (at street side vegetable shop) that for us 10min == 1hr also!!

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Serpentine long ques

Try the security check in ques at chennai airport at around 6 am and it's guaranteed that you have to snake your way through a Q that stretches a kilometre. No need for a morning walk or getting an adrenaline rush, this is the place. Horrible and it is just not being addressed by Airport management, CISF

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Chennai Airport Parking Cost

I went yest to pick my brother. Car parking charges are Rs.150 for first 2 hours.

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The amount of announcements that the chennai airport makes is so annoying. When most of the metro stations have shut all announcements I don't understand why chennai can't follow the same. If I have halt in chennai I cnt even shut my eyes for a second. I travel all over the world and this is the worst airport to have a halt. Pre boarding post boarding last call is made 100 times. And the staff of all the airlines are shouting as if they are in some rally.

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Departure restriction

I am from Bangladesh. I would like to know onw thing that is I would like to arrive from Bangladesh to india by air and depart to Sri Lanka using Chennai Int. Airport. is there any restrictions?

Please inform me so that I can make my trip plan

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parking cheating

In Chennai air port the entry and exit gates times are adjusted in such a way that even if you try to get out within ten minutes you will end up in paying Rs 135 . They are big cheaters. Once i checked that with my watch time. when i came out in six minutes the exit fellow is telling it already 13 minutes. I never seen cars going out without paying the fee though many comes out within ten minutes. The worst airport in India

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Cheating and frod agency in Chennai airport car parking

Sir today I will go to pick up my friend from Chennai airport I will teak a tikit from entry point that time sharp 10:01 am and I will toch at exit point at 10.07 am then the toll collectore askmi for 150rs I am shoked and I will tell him y I will pay then he will asking me your time is upto 10 min I will argue with him he Will call to supervisor and then that supervisor is rudely talking with me and telling me any condition u won't to pay othe r wise teak back side your vehicle he will not give any answers to me so i thik he is not giving my any answers so last I will decide I will pay but this is first time so I will leave it but I will request to airport authority plz teak action on this agency who will cheat with people

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to connect major cities

Its......good.there is need of operating new flights from chennai to Chandigarh,sri nagar,Nagpur,and to foreign countries like Paris .....number of tamilans where living in Paris should got konnect flights from Dubai or via may take more please operate new flights.....

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complaint against car parking in chennai international airp

Complaint about car parking at CHENNAI international arrival place

Monday , 21 march 2016 β€” Chennai International Airport, India

Complaint about car parking in chennai international airport arrival place - Regarding

Sir ,

Today morning i came with my family to pick up my brother in law he came form dubai at 4.15 a.m in chennai international airport arrival place i entered my car (TN 11 B 1612) Into international airport arrival place (car enter both )and no one response and not giving token (not doing their work properly) and then i picked my brother in law and came out to exit then the exit both person asked token i replied i didn't have token then they asked me to get token from enter both , i asked token form enter both they replied go and tell exit both as they not noticed to enter my car into airport, and pay minimum amount Rs- 150/-, then i went to exit area and replied the same, then they asked to pay Rs. 700/- or Rs- 300/- as parking charge and fine then we argued that we are not doing any mistake then why we want to pay fine. then the exit both persons asked that to go to enter both , like that they through like foot ball here and there, finally they asked to pay Rs. 150/- truly we were inside the parking area is below 10 min, So kindly take necessary action and advice them to do their work properly and avoid this types of robberies.

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Worst airport ever

We arrived in January from Colombo early in the morning, and had a 5 hour wait for connecting flight.

I agree with previous comments, it is ridiculous that you cannot wait inside the terminal building, no access to toilet facilities, drinking water, seats. Nothing provided at all. A couple of outside catering carts, but nowhere to sit.

In general the most shitty airport I've ever been to, and I've been to a few!

Now our return flight back the other way.

Can we find out information about the recent floods ? Absolutely not, don't even know if the airport is open.

This is a complete joke, and we will ensure we NEVER return.

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The poor state of Chennai Airport can be blamed partly on th

The director deepak shastri is as bad of a bureaucrat as you can get. This stooge was probably appointed by the previous corrupt government. He is very unprofessional and uses the Chennai Airports twitter handle @aaichnairport for his own purposes. Just go and read the tweets and you will be appalled. Any constructive tweets to the airport are met with hostility and curses. He also does not bother to update the Airport website even during these worst floods..not sent a single tweet about the airport status. Seeing his behavior I am not surprised why the airport is in such poor shape. The restrooms alone should be reason for this guy to be fired, but sadly he does not care because he won't be he can continue embarrassing India with this kind of operation. We Indians are helpless against these kind of government run facilities since no one is accountable.

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Airport quality

To call this an international airport is a huge insult to every other airport in the country and in the world. I have travelled quite a bit to African and Pacific countries who have small airports and even those airports are of much better quality than Chennai airport. Corruption starts at the top and the head of the state, the Chief Minister should resign in shame to claim the airport to be international. Local contractors have built/extended the airport and they have no shame, much less the local government. They might try to hide under the excuse that it is the responsibility of the Union Government yet it is called the Chennai International Airport and the local government cannot shelter under any excuse. The airport is a disgrace and should be stripped of its standing as an international airport.

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Chennai Airport remains closed till 6th Dec due to heavy rai

Chennai Airport remains closed till 6th Dec due to heavy rainfall & flood water is on airport runway.

So far no official communications about alternatives, this is natural disaster and all passengers planned trip to & from chennai suffering a lot .

talks are on to make naval base as temporary airport, please someone get the official communication updated here which will be useful for some traveller

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Airport restrooms for disabled

I visited chennai international airport on Nov 30th 2015. Iam temporarily disabled. There is no separate restroom for disabled. There is no toilet seat in the ladies toilet. The lady in charge claims that all the seats in the three toilet are broken. It is annoying how a women can sit in the western toilet without seat. Gods sake you guys are collecting money. Stop staring disabled and start caring. Anything might happen to anybody. Pls change it get blessed otherwise u guys will be cursed.

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One of the shittiest airport in the world / Chennai airport,

I have flown almost all over the world. All developed, developing and under-developed countries. Never seen a system and unprofessional airport like Chennai or people at this airport. Hopefully these people at Chennai airport learn from others if they want to compete globally and bring global business people to Chennai.

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Feel sorry for tamil nadu

Recently flew in and out of Chennai international airport. It is chaotic and esply the rest rooms are AWFUL. There are a total of 2 toilets in the airport and you find them with your nose. I could not figure out the men's vs ladies' toilets. Where are the toilet tissues? 20 years ago, in the old Bombay international airport, there used to be janitor ladies, handing out squares of toilet issues to each traveler. There was one janitor lady in one of the new Chennai toilets, adjusting her sari as men and women walked in, and the toilets were covered with water (?) making them unusable, and no one could approach the janitor lady as that would be an affront to her modesty. As a woman, I cannot use the toilet, if men walk in as well.

The question is, who ate all the money spent on this costly construction project?

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poor customer service in chennai airport

Dear All, i had recently visited India and while i was in the Chennai Airport on 16Aug15 morning, i noticed each and every staff of yours are very rude and unprofessional. I feel that as a paying customer i do not wish to be spending money to get such a bad service. Your security services calls people 'heh hello' instead of 'excuse me Sir, your immigrant officer was scolding some people in the queue because their flight is geting late by telling them to come early in future etc, when its your check-in officers who are so slow. And she was refusing to open the elastic barrier for them to cross to another counter for checking in by telling them its not her job to open the barier (she is an elderly woman wearing saree with a bulging tummy), i do not know her name because you are not practising wearing visible name tags. Then another women officer wearing pants came and talked rudely by telling some guys to queue prperly if not she will send to the start of the queue (she is relatively young and wore glass). Then i think you have their supervisor sitting in the office smiling and joking around with the staffs. I clearly feel that all your staff are not employed through merits and have a poor educational upbringing or either your management is not strict in discipling them. Non of the staff are concerned about making the airport's image admirable but rather its seems they are interested in showing their power without realizing how silly they look eventually in the eyes of the world.

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poor customer service in airport

Dear All, i had recently visited India and while i was in the Chennai Airport on 16Aug15 morning, i noticed each and every staff of yours are very rude and unprofessional. I feel that as a paying customer i do not wish to be spending money to get such a bad service. Your security services calls people 'heh hello' instead of 'excuse me Sir, your immigrant officer was scolding some people in the queue because their flight is geting late but they still in the queue by telling them to come early in future etc, and refusing to open the barrier for them to cross to another counter for checking in by telling them its not her job to open the barier (she is an elderly woman wearing saree with a bulging tummy), i do not know her name because you are practising wearing visible name tags. Then another women officer wearing pants came and talked rudely by telling some guys to queue prperly if not she will send to the start of the queue (she is relatively young and wore glass). Then i think you have their supervisor sitting in the office smiling and joking around with the staffs. I clearly feel that all your staff are not employed through merits and have a poor educational upbringing or either your management is not strict in discipling them.

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My recent experience Jul 2015

The airport has been completely rebuilt and has world class amenities. There is still not enough parking for cars and yes, I dont think there is any car parking facility for long term basis like a day or two. The AAI website says its still work in progress. All charges are hourly basis. However there is long term parking for bikes available. The charges are Rs 50 for 4 hours and 102 for 24 hours. However this a open parking and bike was left in the sun and rain for 3 days. I struggled for 20 min. to get it started!

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complaints about chennai airport

Very very worst toilets and sweepers especially ladies sweepers are using bad words and discussing about airport higher officials families Infront of all without any manners In international terminal while I was waiting for a flight. kindly teach them how to talk and behave with peoples.

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Exorbitant Parking Charges

The Mother at Chennai Airports viz Garuda Aviation Services Pvt Ltd just not charge Car drivers for staying a second extra but fleece. Abdul Basher and Buddu are two A.......les I understand managing Chennai ops.

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Outrageous waiting policy

At no other airport IN THE WORLD have I ever experienced the obnoxious policy of no waiting indoors. What am I to do while I wait for my 2:16 am flight early the following morning? Wait on the curb. Easier said than done when you arrive in Chennai at 5:30 on an overnight train and want nothing more than to relax in air con and rest for the afternoon...rather than haul your luggage around the sticky city, killing time for the sake of killing time. This is bullshit. This is not a policy of international airports.

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Full Day Car Parking


Does any one have an idea about the full day parking system at Chennai air port. Does it even exist and if yes what do they charge??

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poor administration

What are the managers and officials doing?. Very worst rest room it's like pigs shed. We pay tax , entrance fees ,parking but they never consider people . need to take sever action.

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poor maintenance

Recently i traveled both Domestic and International via Chennai Airport. Airport Maintenance (Gents Toilet area) is very bad in Domestic terminal. No hand wash liquid, wet floor, carpet area in the gate area with lot of stain and not clean. International terminal departure gate area witnessed lot of pigeons (six to seven in numbers) flying inside the terminal.

Please send the AAI staff in Chennai Airport to go on Field trip to take a look at other airports that are maintained very well

(Hyderabad and Bangalore) and learn how to maintain the airport clean and tidy. if they are not efficient, Please remove them

from the job. Travelers flying via Chennai deserve better.

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Expensive, poor quality airport

Chennai Airport needs to be forcefully taken away from AAI and given to an efficient international operator. If any union intervenes, they should be thrown into the Bay of Bengal.

The coffee shops are ridiculosuly priced. Dip Tea costs Rs. 80!!!!! This is day light robbery. Even coffee/ tea at Heathrow or Fraport will not be this expensive, even if we consider PPP adjustments. The scanning machines take longer time, toilets are badly maintained, one has to walk long distances for everything. Passengers use this facility, just because they don't have a choice. If it were in competing distance from bangalore or hyderabad, it would badly loose all business and shut down automatically!

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Chennai airport parking

Can a pvt car be parked in Chennai airport parking lot for 3 days ? What wil be the charges for the same ? Can anyone reply authoritatively ?

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Car vs flight parking charges

Hi guys

Flight parking charges are 100rs for a 25 seater.

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Parking Scam the one word that comes to my mind when i think of parking my car in Chennai airport.I stayed inside the airport for exactly 10 min 35 seconds and i had to pay Rs.135 for those extra 35 SECONDS. Believe it or not, A guy can easily have 2 meals in Chennai with that money. India is not a country like the US or any other developed country for that matter.We are already burdened with taxes, corruption,fuel price hikes and not to mention the ever greedy and obnoxious autowallahs etc. How can we improve our living standards if we get ripped off like this every single day by so many factors. No wonder there is a huge amount of people moving out every year. If India wants to retain its talent and improve its economy, the government needs to know that siphoning off small change through taxes, price hikes etc will only f**k them up in the long run and they cannot afford to piss off the citizens who are the most important resource in the country. People are getting smarter every day and the day is closer where there will be a truly democratic government. Beware u babus, netas, sonia gandhi, modi, karunanidhi, jayalalitha. The INDIAN is aggressively rising to change the way the world looks at India. You can either help him in his endeavors or incur his wrath and get destroyed.

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Worst Airport

One of the worst Airports visited in recent times.

Dirty overflowing toilets. There was water all over the toilets. As one toilet was already overflowing, I wneto the other one at the other end and even that was overflowing with puddles of water all around. They stink worse then Public urinals

Electrical points for Charging mobiles not working

Dirty carpets - why have carpets if you cant maintain them

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Long Parking Facility at Chennai Airport

hi I would like to know if we have a facility of parking for long hours/days at chennai airport, and what would be the charges applicable.

Please advice on this one.

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Baggage weightage difference during Checkin


This is the third consecutive time I could clearly see difference in baggage weight during a check in. In all my last 3 travels my handbag is a standard one with a Laptop, charger and mobile accessories. I was very deliberate in noticing its weight each time which is 7,8,9.5 kg resp. This is very shocking that I couldn't believe it. Neither I have increased my material nor removed any. This gives me a great suspicion on machine functioning properly or people have calibrated.

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Rediculus Parking Charges

Today I had to drop my aged parents in Chennai domestic airport, I entered the airport at 6.24AM as I am entering the airport after renovation, instead of going thru the ramp went thru the normal route and got the parking slip (Gate 2). Asked my way to enter the ramp, entered the first floor departure terminal, no trollies were there, went to look out for the same and then after sending off my parents went to Gate 11 to exit the airport. The time taken between entry and exit was 10 min and 42 seconds, the counter person at parking gate said the parking charges is 135 since i have crossed 10 min (!!!!) rediculous. I tried explaining the person she was in no mood to listen, going by the best estimate, to take the cirucular route inside the airport took me 4.30min (no direction boards are there and had to depend on help from the staff available on the ground) and looking for trolly, dropping my parents, and waiting for the cab parked in front of me to move took 5min and the long overbridge ride was about 1min and waiting for the prev. car to exit the toll was around a min .. in all the entire time was around 11min ...

If such a high toll is collected is it not the responsibility of AAI or parking agency to ensure there are sufficient trollies at arrival gate? Also should they not ensure that there is no congestion on the departure gate by cabs etc. Can we not make the duration to 15 min which is reasonable considering the difficulties and you are not just going to drop your relatives / rather push them of the car etc.

AAI please review

This is the first airport i am seeing charging such exorbitant rate for a < 15 min stay within the airport even if the vehicle is NOT parked.

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dogs, no toilets for visitors in new terminal, inadequate fr

there are no drinking water facility or toilets for visitors at the international departure new terminal, then why am i paying 60 Rs for? the airport has dogs near the garden areas, good luck getting international recognition next time. why cant you give a 15 min grace time for cars ? even world class airports give at least 15 min time-window to get out of the airport and Chennai airport which is just plain shit when compared to even other Indian airports give only 5 to 7 minutes ? why are we paying airport tax along with our tickets for ? why no transparent governance is present ? why not have a proper website for a start, your display boards says "scheduled" even after my family have landed, arrived and met with me!!! Melbourne airport even has a radar map to show location of flights and you cant tell us if the flight has safely landed... BRAVO F***ERS !!!

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overcharging in foreign currency at the Port Lounge

If you use the port lounge at Chennai Airport, you are allowed to pay only in cash and if you do not have INR you are made to pay in foreign currency for a much much higher charge.

I had a couple of drinks which was INR 600. I didn't have enough INR and had to pay SGD 20 (900), about 1.5 times. It was not only me, but most of the foreigners who we're sitting there was also made to do so. The waiter always tells a very round figure in foreign currency, bill is in INR, and no change....

Very obvious, the staff are trying to cheat money. A lot of staff education is required to stop doing these cheap things.

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Airports are more than just 4 walls and a plane!

The more I used to love being at an Airport, the more I regret going there now. Not being I don't like it, but because they have introduced a fleecing, demeaning toll system which is no where found on Earth. The enterprise which has taken over this toll system, has no time to talk, or explain or understand the basic needs of a customers or a passenger. Their only motive is in their answer : MONEY! Pay it and Go! thats all there is to talk and nothing more. The taxi drivers, the police, the AAI authorities and everyone else who's a part of it has been keeping mum on this issue. Its such a pathetic moment to go inside an airport, throw the passenger out like you don't care about them, throw their luggage on their face and drive like mad to the next known exit, just to make sure you're within the 5minute time limit. What kind of an Airport experience is this ? Is this what you call an Airport Experience?

AAI, please bear in mind that its Airports are not just about coming in and taking off, Airport is more than just a wall in front of a plane. Kindly make the time limit between 10-15minutes.

Whatever is going on now in Chennai is atrocious and very demeaning!

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parking car while sending passenger abroad

is there provision to park our vehicle at chennai international airport after dropping passenger at departure bay if we have to wait till the person (student) gets through security check. Second after dropping passenger at departure bay at first floor, when coming down the bridge we can park our vehicle to wait at airport till the passenger gets through security check.

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Additional Charge 70 Inr Charged by Fast Track

Today i came to Airport by fast track call taxi at Morning 3:30 am to catch a domestic flight & i am the single person travelling in that vehicle with an Laptop bag, i have not made the driver to wait for any thing once he as stopped the vehicle i immediately get down from the car allowed him to go from there, since i know very well about the Airport rules, But driver charged me extra 70 inr saying that's the rule, but actually at morning 3:30 am there is no traffic & also i have been travelling regularly & i have not paid also on my before travels, but this driver was not in good shape to speak & he says that's the rule,

I want to know is this a rule that we need to pay extra 70 inr even if we have not made him await & that to at morning 3:30 where there is no traffic in airport

My worry is for the regular traveler itself the scenario is like this than how come for the occasional travelling guys. they will be suffering a lot

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No autorickshaws allowed

In our country all can not afford a car. Hell lot of peoples are depending on Auto rickshaws. Why not chennai airport authority not allowing autos inside the departure and arrival gates.

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parking fee change not giving

As my receipt No: 40527 Car my in time is 26-Aug-2013 - 20:29:26 E4

Out :26-Aug-2013 - 22:04:11 X11


Fare Rs:120.00/-

Service tax :15.00/-

Total fare:135.00/-

Service tax no: AABCG6967CST002

The problem is they are not entering the vehicle number in the receipt and they are not giving the change also .

So please take a complaint on this receipt

This is daily happening in the airport parking problem

So please kindly make a complaint on this issue very uygently

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Car Parking Tariff, Contractor Garuda Aviation services PVT

Garuda Aviation Services One of the underworld Car parking mafia From Mumbai . Airpot Authority of India awarded the contract for DAY LIGHT ROBBERY management At chennai Airport . AAI tariff is car 60/- van , truck , minibus,70/- for general park and 120/- for primium , 7 minute free time for pick up and drop in the free lane. The company revised the tariff 12% without AAI notice in the name of service tax and the tariff is 67/-,79/-253/-and 17/-. Also I asking what is the 5 minute, 7 minute, 12 minute and where is the Genaral car parking Area .

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Paid 135 parking free for 12 mins

Daylight robbery. Shame Chennai Airport and Garuda - you're applying the Chennai autorickshaw mindset in collecting parking fees. Rubbish rules like 5 mins one rate and 10 mins another rate. Any visitor to the city will only have a bitter taste. Learn from other city Airports!

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