Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport

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re: Comoro

Reply to @Ozguy: Good catch -- thanks. We had Timor-Leste as a separate country, but a few of the airports (including Comoro) were still under Indonesia. I think they're all properly assigned now -- please feel free to edit any incorrect airports you find, or let me know, and I'll fix them ASAP.

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A bit surprising that Timor Leste has been an independent nation since 2002, yet still appears listed under Indonesia. I notice it is that way in the Jeppesen manuals too.

Lots of high terrain to the south, necessitating a steep descent when quite close to the airport. Runway is pretty rough, but adequate. Lots of helicopters here, mainly associated with UN work.

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Only controlled airport

This is the only controlled airport in East Timor, and the only one with scheduled airline service (to Darwin, Australia, and Denpasar, Indonesia.

The Australian Defence Force took control of the airport during the international Operation Astute peacekeeping mission, which began in May 2006 during the riots in Dili between government supporters and disaffected troops.

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