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Why is Toronto International Airport not customer friendly

It is always a pain to fly back into Toronto Airport despite the fact that it is an image builder for the city and country for so many visitors. First it is an expensive airport so the fees you pay are already one of the highest in the world. Second it is usually miles to walk from the plane up escalators, down escalators in a bland corridors and vast rooms. then you come to the immigration where the clueless personel trying to make orderly lines make you walk much further than necessary as necessary in a snake rather than individual lines. Then the insult of arriving after tiring journey and being asked to faddle about and pay $2 for a luggage cart. This last item is one of my tests for a civilised country. Most airports that I have visited mainly Europe offer free carts. Clearly Toronto airport is greedily money oriented rather than making customers happy. This really leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I am ashamed of Toronto airport because of its snivelling attitude. Try looking at airport users as humans you want to impress. It may be the most improved airport in Canada but it is still bottom of the pile.

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