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They asked me to pay $140 for said dog, Jake, as a gift for my husband. I found out about this scam and have been talking to "derick wayne" for over two days now trying to get any information from him that I can. I have gotten the same as everyone. The email was very well written and convincing. What first flagged me was in the craigslist ad there were two reds and a black. The pics they sent me were Katy, Cindy and Jake.

"""Hi Dear

I am so impressed with your inquiry about adopting my babies.. i have

been looking for a home for them for a while now but not only a home

but a forever home for them.. firstly let me tell you about them. Am

having one male and two females.Jake is the male while Katy and Cindy

are the females... they are all registered with the following animal

registration club that is Akc and are veterinary checked and

vaccinated and have all health records till date and housing documents

. I am not out to sell them, all i want is to give them out to a home

or family that is able to spoil them with the love and care that they

deserve,so all i need of you is to assure me you will take good care

of them because i don't want to give you my puppies) out and discover

they are not handled with care.These puppies were owned by my late

grand Mum. So when she died i was sent here in Cameroon for a research

project which is going to last for 3 years. I came with them here in

Cameroon but the bad climatic condition here and also the nature of my

job does not permit me to take good care of them. That’s why am trying

to send them back to their home land in USA to a loving home where

they will be spoiled with all their needs and treated with love.So you

just need to assure me you will take good care of my puppies.please

before we proceed i will like to ask you some questions if you don't

mind? Are you a breeder? Do you have kids? Do you have a vet around

your location? What will be your reaction if in case they destroy some

thing worth 100$? Sorry for all the questions alright,I just wanna

make sure that my babies have a good and caring home were ever they

may be. I will give each of them to you for $140 each Okay, since you

will only pay for the change of ownership document bearing your full

names address and you will the dog home. my husband and i will be

responsible for the shipping fee so you got nothing to worry about

Okay, All we are asking you to pay is $140 for the change of ownership

papers from my names to yours alright, this means that you are new

owner of the dog and you will have your dog delivered to your home

Okay. Like i said earlier you don't have to worry about the

transportation fee because it's our responsibility to pay for the

shipping fee Okay.



-he is house Trained and Potty.

-he does not bark a lot..

-he eat 2 times daily.

-he Is socialized with kids and other house hold pets .

-he is a portable baby.

-he likes to be carried a lot and be spoiled

-he likes to be kissed .

-he gets angry when you shout at him, so don't do that.*



-They are house and potty

-Katy and Cindy barks more than Jake but not to much..

-They eats 2 times a day same like Jake.

-They likes to keep them self away from the crowd but are also socialized.

-They are also portable babies.

-Katy and Cindy feels shy when carried.

-they also likes to be kissed..

-both of them barks when they sees strangers.

Thanks and i will be waiting to read from you soon."""""

This is the email I recieved back.

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