Comment "wow" on Douala International Airport, Cameroon

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Me as well I have been emailing the person about the puppies ever since yesterday night. I though it was to good to be true the price that I would pay and they will pay the rest. I notice it was awkward because I was looking for a pom puppy online when I saw the same picture of the dog this person was supposedly trying to sell me and online was 4,000 and the person told me its only 145$ . I ask for more pictures and she send me the pictures that was online. I felt this was a scam so I had to research the address up to see. I work my ass of for my money and this Xmas I wanted to get my daughter a puppy and she fell in love with the picture of the puppy and wanted it so I told the person I wanted the dog but something was not right and now that I read this I won't proceed with the payment. Yes she was all religious as well and started bringing up some Bible verses and stuff now she will pay their consequences because with god no one messes with him. Stupid people !

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