Comment "Scams" on Douala International Airport, Cameroon

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Good day! Now I am facing same problem with buying puppy from one couple! I found their advertising on Turkish site, they sad they are from Ankara, so I send them interest email. But reply made me shock! Because of work they leave turkey and now living in Cameroon! They asked me all same questions like all of you!!! But they send me sertificat for changing name of owner!!! They are ready to get first half payment after second one! But when I asked more pictures with dog, they sad that they sell all and don't have anything , that after payment in airport they can rent camera and make picture!!! When I sad them bye, she sad that they wasted last money for changing owner papers and for puppies food left only for 6-8 weeks maksinum !!! Now I am Abington to block them. They send me 8 pictures of same dogs even with one same blond guy . What to do really I don't know!!!

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