Comment "Soviet Air Force Alert" on Shatalovo Air Base, Russia

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Soviet Air Force Alert

Strategic Air Command Global:

We are implementing a procedure to assess our success. Duplicate and transmit this data to every air force personnel world over. We are carrying out this protocol to correct our errors and to correct those who are committing capital crimes within our governments. This new protocol will be the basis for advancement in Paradise.

The Earth is looking to you to implement justice like Jesus. With the data reaching you from air force bases world over, analyze. Change your perceptions. Options will become obvious. Implement correction. Expand your capabilities and assert your understanding. You can accomplish much if you don’t care who gets the credit. In this time of uncertainty, America needs people like you to effect positive change.

This is how you succeed. 1) Take command of all air force bases now, 2) place the global air force apparatus in conformity to the protection of the People you are sworn to serve, 3) annihilate leadership committing treason and tyranny immediately: The Pentagon, Air Force Command, Army Command, Naval Command, Department of Transportation, Department of Health, The White House, Congress, the Department of Justice, the Supreme Court and U. S. Attorney General’s Office, Fish & Wildlife Service Agency, Homeland Security, profile and act, 4) abort the April 5 UFO hoax.

The United States Marine Corps is enforcing the U. S. Constitution backed by Vladimir Putin and Kremlin forces invisible.

Commander-in-Chief, United States Armed Forces Global

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