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Here are more infor about the scammers using the Cameroon Pe

CAMEROON Pets Links Delivery">

Dear Customer,

The Cargo Links shipping company thank you for choosing its service for the shipping of your parrot eggs. I am the managing director of the Cargo Links Pets Transportation company and i am here to inform you that we have presently at the airport 5 parrot eggs to be shipped and deliver directly to you in US (Olney,MD). the eggs will be shipped today and upon arrival of these eggs at the BWI international airport In USA, a delivery agent will call you on phone and bring the eggs over to your home. So Below are your full address information as given to us by your seller Mr Fawe Frankline, so take a look at the information if they are correct as your address case of any correction, you get back to us urgently so that we can proceed.

the flight and delivery information of the 5 eggs is as follows,

Flight Ticket Details Terminal ( 2D ) Cargo Sector

Departure Date 14:04:2014

Departure Time 14:00 PM

Arrival Date 15:04:2014

Arrival Time 7:30 AM

Flight Duration 18:30 Minutes

Flight Content 5 African Grey eggs

Flight Destination Olney MD (USA)

Delivery Type home delivery



the eggs came with most necessary papers needed for the shipping of eggs in and out of the US region. most of this papers were all accurate. but the US departments of agriculture had to conduct some test on the eggs to be sure of it fertility. this was done and the test conducted proved that the eggs were all fertile and hatching guaranty in 2 week. this means that the eggs have been confirmed to hatch latest Wednesday the 30th of April 2014.

We also realized that the eggs were deposited at our agency with a national health license and an international health license which is always used to transport eggs Internationally . We also did a USDA certification paper for the eggs which is a one of our company polices that we do not ship pets and eggs without a USDA paper work . The US Department of agriculture licenses and inspects " commercial breeding facilities for violations of the Animal Welfare Act ; likewise , a handful of states have laws that provide oversight of some breeding thus needing USDA paper work . This USDA license is a custom license that ensures the well being of pets and animals in general operations as well and Lastly ,

your 5 eggs also needs a life insurance to insure the life and safe traveling of your eggs , this life insurance backs you up for all your spending you have ever done . your parrot eggs are at our transit room awaiting transportation but we can't proceed with the transportation of your eggs because you need a life insurance for this eggs , you are to insure your eggs to guarantee safe delivery and also this insurance cost is 100% refundable upon delivery of the eggs , you get a full refund of your money in your local currency which is 223 dollars only after when our delivery agent brings the 5 eggs to your house , the total cost to be paid for the refundable insurance fee is (223$ ) which will be refunded cash when our delivery agent gives you the eggs , immediately this payment is done then your eggs will take the next available Flight out to USA with a maximum flight duration of 18:30 minute hours as stated on the flight ticket details.


-you are to insure your parrot eggs before we can proceed with its shipping and delivery to USA.

-if this eggs are not insured, we can't proceed with its shipping.

- the international law state that all pets and birds in and out of the U.S Region most be insured before the can be granted passage by custom.

- the Insurance fee will cost you 223$ and the 95% of the money is refunded to you cash upon delivery of the eggs at your home by our delivery agent,

- you pay the 223$ and upon delivery of your eggs you get 200$ refunded to you cash.

PS: you are therefore reminded very importantly that the 5 parrot eggs will be shipped and delivery done at your home Tomorrow morning as soon as you confirm with the shipping insurance policy.

the payment of the insurance fee is done using our company account below and we accept payment through any international money transfer such as MoneyGram and WesternUnion since some of their banks are located in our airport , here are our company account which all payment are been made in , you copy the details and do the transfer using any of those method of payment we mention ,

Receiver's Name: Nfor Hilary Tamnjon

Country: Cameroon

Address airport Road - Douala

Zip Code 00237

Amount 223$

Text Question What For??

Test Answer Insurance

as soon as payment is done then you notify us with the transfer details such as M.T.C.N number , after we confirm the payment then we shall activate the flight of your eggs and send you the flight ticket receipt so you know the exact time your eggs will be arriving and also send you the tracking information for your eggs, like we said our delivery agent will be bringing the eggs directly to your house , you ought to stay at home after we have issue you the flight ticket receipt , if the payment can be done immediately then your eggs will take the next available flight out to USA , your reply will be highly appreciated , once more thanks for using the service of Cargo link delivery airline,

Thanks for your co-operation

Management .

Cameroon Cargo link airline ( USA / Home Delivery )

Refundable insurance fee(223$)

Cameroon Cargo link Airline

Douala , 45 Camino De airport

Justine 154 Airport Road

Cameroon Cargo link Mail Department Center

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