Comment "Staff Needs Training" on Bandaranaike International Colombo Airport, Sri Lanka

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Staff Needs Training

When I went through Immigration, the officer was busy with updating his Facebook Page, a local news paper was also left opened on his desk. The officer did not speak a word, he just used hand gestured (how own sign language) to reache to our passport. He took my wife's passport and head gestured for her. I said "Thank You" when my passport was handed back to us, then the officer looked at me as he has never seen anyone in his life (in oblivion). The immigration officers all wore white, I don't know why they do it. Their shirt collars and arm pits looked so dirty. Locals say the Immigration officers are dirtier than their clothes (Eliciting Bribes). The air-conditioning in the airport does not keep up with passenger load. Seriously this country has to look into work ethic issues and needs that be resolved because they are promoting themselves as the "Heaven on Earth".. There are local porters who swam at you to offer help, then they demanded money in US dollars. There needs to be some serious training for the entire staff at this airport.

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