Comment "Airport OK; getting to it, not so much" on Miami International Airport, United States

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Airport OK; getting to it, not so much

Just flew through MIA with my family for a spring break trip. The airport itself is fine, but getting to it, not so much. Unlike every other major city I've visited, Miami barely bothers to put any signs on the freeways and roads telling you how to get to the airport (even if you're following signs, they might suddenly disappear before you get there), so it's very important to study a map or get Google directions beforehand. Even then, the same street may have a couple of different names, so write down *all* of them.

The rental car return is the worst part -- there are some signs, but they don't take you all the way to the lots, most of which are in twisty little industrial streets to the east of the airport. I'm usually comfortable walking alone through the tougher parts of bigger cities, but I have to admit that I was a little nervous driving around there (the packs of apparently ownerless dogs living on the streets were one clue that all wasn't well).

Final verdict: the airport itself is fine, but the state and city seem not to care much about people using it, despite the fact that the area economy relies heavily on tourism, and so many visitors have fallen victim to crime driving to and from MIA. I guess it's a nice airport located in a dysfunctional city and state.

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