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Fond-ish memories

I remember many evenings spent in LAX terminal 2 in the late 1990s, waiting to catch the red-eye back to Toronto to connect on to Ottawa and get back to my young family. I hear a lot of horror stories about LAX and Air Canada now, but back then, before the merger with Canadian, Air Canada never left me stranded or let me down. I'd fight my way back to LAX from Long Beach through the rush-hour traffic, drop off my rental car, then find a plug, huddle in a safe warm corner, and work on my computer for a few hours, generally grabbing a bite from the Wolfgang Puck franchise restaurant thingy and happy knowing that I was on the first stage of my trip home.

I've been through terminal 2 a few times since, but not for the red-eye. Air Canada still generally leaves on time, but I'm not rushing back to young kids and a tired spouse any more, so it's more leisurely, and the terminal is just another dingy terminal.

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