Comment "Good overnight stop" on Lewiston Nez Perce County Airport, United States

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Good overnight stop

I landed here at 8PM for fuel and a place to overnight. The FBO was closed, I could access the terminal but the TSA guy and the cleaners in the terminal had no idea where I could leave the aircraft. I tied down beside a Citation in front of the FBO, grabbed my stuff and used the terminal wifi to find a hotel. The Holiday Inn Express sent a car to pick me up. All of the local hotels advertised shuttle service and offer "corporate" pilot rates. The hotels and chain restaurants are all clustered in one section of town, I had no problems finding a restaurant that still served beer and a burger at 10PM. The hotel also provided a car to take me to the airport in the morning, something that a Holiday Inn Express doesn't normally do.

The next morning, the FBO staff were very friendly and quick. They moved my plane so the Citation could depart, but tied it down again just like I would do. I would go back there again if I return to explore the Snake River Canyon airstrips.

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