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Good place to visit

I flew in to PEI for four nights. As advertised, parking was free, with cables to tie down. The school is open 8-8, but they can provide a code to give you after-hours airside access. Fuel was not self-serve, and the instructors are often up flying with students, so fill up when you land if there's someone there -- it's not really an FBO (though the staff are friendly), but just a flying school that sells gas and gives away free parking. There was no multiweight oil available (just mineral oil -- apparently, that's all the school uses in its planes).

For Americans, note that this is a Mandatory Frequency (MF) airport, something that doesn't exist in the US. There's an FSS rather than a tower on the field, but you're still required to talk to it (though it doesn't issue clearances like a tower would).

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