Comment "Expensive airport" on John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, Canada

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Expensive airport

I just called Glanford Aviation (Shell), the only FBO that appears to offer 100LL, and they charge a $25 facility fee for a single-engine piston plane (not waived with a fill-up) on top of the airport's $18.50 minimum landing fee. That means that you're out $43.50 + HST = $48.72 the second your wheels hit the Shell apron, before you even start to put fuel in your tank. Would you fill up your car at a gas station that charged almost $50 to just to enter their lot and park in front of the pump?

Even big-city airports are usually much cheaper than this (Pearson is, of course, an exception). I don't know what the city of Hamilton (and Shell) are thinking, except that they want to scare as many visitors as possible away from Hamilton, and make sure no one spends any money in the local economy.

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