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Uncertain status

The satellite imagery shows a possible clear landing area to the east of the location marker, but it's not at all clear that there is a real airport here, despite the fact that it appears in charts and Wikipedia and has an ICAO code.

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Ghost airport?

No runway is visible in the satellite imagery. See problem report:

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Base Aerienne 188 (France)

France's Base Aerienne 188 shares the north side of the field with the civilian terminal, while the US, Japan, and Djibouti itself have their military bases on the south side.

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Japan Self-Defense Force Base Djibouti

Also located adjacent to the airport is Japan's only long-term overseas military base, dedicated to anti-piracy operations in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden:

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Camp Lemonnier (U.S.)

Camp Lemonnier, the only long-term U.S. military base in Africa, is located on the south side of the airport and shares its facilities. More information here:

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3 fields near El Wak?

I do not like to start a debate, but pls note following: When creating entries for the airfields around El Wak, I added a comment in the entry for the disused city airport that there were possibly two other fields nearby. One of them (a gravel strip) was clearly visible approx. 7.5 kms to the west of the city, for which I created a new entry (KE-0212). I also added a link to the newspaper article which shows people celebrating the opening of what looks like a gravel strip. It is not clear whether this is the same strip of entry KE-0212). Lastly, OpenAIP has an airport HKEW at a location to the S of El Wak city. Although nothing is visible in satellite pictures, this could indeed refer to a stretch of the main road. I therefore have absolutely no problem of HKEW being added to the database with these coordinates, as David has done.

What bothers me somewhat is that this was not done by actually adding a new airport to the database, but by taking the entry for the gravel strip located to the W of the city, and changing its coordinates and designation (KE-0212 is now HKEW). Through this change we may well have a correct HKEW entry, but we have completely lost the gravel strip to the W of El Wak city from the database. I would propose that we do not do this in future and instead preserve other entrie (unless clearly wrong).

Thx for your consideration, Frits

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re: IATA note

Reply to @animebirder: Thanks for the clarification. I've removed the IATA code from the military base, because it doesn't show up in IATA queries.

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IATA note

Has the same IATA code as Mano Dayak International but is a separate airfield, operated by the United States Air Force.

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Update ident

Updated the airport's identifier to match the new icao code

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2km stretch

this article suggested the new airport is a 2 km long straight stretch on a 10km road, so this location seems to fit the bill and matches the coordinates

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Somaliland's principal airport

This is the main airport for Somaliland, which is self-governing and de-facto independent, but still considered part of Somalia by the international community.

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Old El Wak Airport now closed

The downtown airport is now closed and partly built-over. OpenAIP shows an airport to the S of El Wak city, labelled HKEW (the old city airport's code). No facilities are visible on the satellite images, so it's not clear whether this is in fact correct. However there is a gravel strip about 7.5 kms W of the city, which seems to serve as the new Airport. I have added this to the database.

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May you share HLLM NOTAM

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Fiedl 'ident' in CSV file uses old ICAO (HSSS)

I am reporting that the CSV dump of the airport DB for the 'ident' field still uses the old ICAO, HSSS, instead of the new one, HSSK.

(Probably 'keyword' needs changing too)

My understanding is that the 'ident' field is about ICAO code, from the Data dictionary page (

"The text identifier used in the OurAirports URL. This will be the ICAO code if available. Otherwise, it will be a local airport code (if no conflict), or if nothing else is available, an internally-generated code starting with the ISO2 country code, followed by a dash and a four-digit number."

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Parys Airport Restuarant

After a quick Google search : The restaurant was taken over by Coenraad and Angelique de Jager and re-opened after major revamp in November 2018.

The contact details are : zero eight two 322 3192

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Updated info

Private airfield

The airfield is used by Skydive on the Vaal Drop Zone (Operated by Adventure Skydives) so the airspace above the farm is restricted due to skydive operations.

Drop zone Frequency 124.8

Grass runway about 800m long

There are 2x cottages and 3x 2-bed rooms available on site

These is also a small Microlight club hangared on the farm but they are seldom active

Closest town : Deneysville (Vaal Dam)

Leeukop is a working farm.

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Currently helicopters only

According to the Wikipedia article, this is an Egyptian Air Force helicopter base right now, but the runway still appears intact and may still get fixed-wing use.

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No strip visible

Originally added in 2008. No landing strip is visible in the satellite imagery, so marking as closed pending further information.

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No strip visible

This landing strip was added in 2008. There is nothing visible now in the satellite imagery, so marking as closed pending further information.

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Not yet visible in satellite imagery (2020-08-28)

The airport opened in 2017, but as of 2020-08-28, it is not yet visible in the satellite imagery that ESRI is kindly providing (Saint Helena is probably not a high priority for updates). You can, however, see it on the aviation charts, and on Google Maps satellite imagery:

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Land-use question

Left as an anonymous problem report: "The airport site is not specify at this time and the people is confused ,them farmer is not plough the land ,with apologize solve this problem for short time"

Thank you to the person who pointed this out. Please note that is *not* an official source of airport information, and the farmer will need to consult the local authorities in Oromia about the land's current status and whether it's OK to plough.

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No more public air transport

After the opening of the new King Mswati III International Airport in September 2014, it only serves royal movements, flights of the Eswatini Government, and mercy flights.

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Asking for old ICAO code

What was the old ICAO code for Jiyanklis Air Base before HEGS when USAF was operating it?

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Any verification on the ICAO ID?

I flagged this airport listed with ICAO ID GMAR as it is a duplicate to this original record. All changes should be made to this one.

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(no subject)

Airport closed

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(no subject)

Elevation corrected

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(no subject)

IATA code is NFR

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Hi is there any avgas available at Springbok airfield

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A great 45 Min Documentary about this Airport

Wendover Productions has done a great job talking about the history and operation of this airport. Check it out:

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(no subject)

TFY is incorrect IATA code. IATA code TFY is for Airport Muhammad Taufiq Kiemas Airport, formerly known as Pekon Serai Airport, serves the city of Krui, South Sumatra, Indonesia with ICAO: WILP. Infor here:

And IATA code here:

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Opened 1/7/2019

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re: (no subject)

Reply to @Mohsen: Thanks for the info -- I've made it into a problem report. Because this airport is in a disputed territory, I'd like to confirm the ICAO code before changing it. Do you have a link to a source?

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(no subject)

ICAO Code for the airport is GMAR

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Health screening during the 2014-15 Ebola crisis

When I visited in 2015 during the Ebola crisis, there was fairly strict health screening in place. We had our temperatures taken before we entered the terminal building by local authorities (common at all public buildings), then again before we boarded the Air France flight, by a security team from France. On arrival at CDG, we were checked again exiting the plane, then those of us who had started our trips in Ebola-affected countries were pulled off the Paris-Montreal flight first, while all other passengers were forced to remain seated, and given a checkup by a public health nurse.

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HCMH current Information

EGAL Intl. Airport

ARP : 093105.12N


ELEV: 4471FT


RWY data

Designation : RWY 06/24

True Bearing : 050Β°/239Β°

Dimensions : 3700m * 45m

Surface : Asphalt

THR 06

Coord : 093042.53N0440449.178E

Elev : 4471FT

GUND : To be notified

THR 24

Coord : 093127.71N0440556.11E

Elev : 4468FT

GUND : To be notified

Declared Distances: RWY 06/24



TORA 3700M.



Located Approx. 529m left side of



TWY centerline and edge marking


Size 190M x 77M.


Fueling Services

(Note. Fuel Jet A1

Available Between

0400-1400 UTC

Daily ),

Health Services






Ground Handling ,

Transport, Hotels

and Banking

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re: re: Palouge (Paloich) Airport, South Sudan.

There is fuel farm in this airport

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(no subject)

Only international airport of Djibouti. North of the runway occupied by Civil Aviation Terminal and French Airforce Base while South is occupied by US Navy Camp Lemnonnier.

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(no subject)

No taxis at the airport. The ATM did not work.

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Flight Ops, Desk Staff etc

Good day.

I herewith would like to know if there are any available vacancies at Wonderboom Airport?

Anything like flight ops, desk staff etc.

I want to become a pilot and hope to get a job and save money to pay for my PPL.

Any job and advice would be deeply appreciated.


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(no subject)

Is good

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(no subject)


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Do not buy perfum from any store.

I went to egypt and on my way back home I bought a Cartier Basha perfum for 100 or 110 US. When I came home it was filled with a similar smell but the smell disappeared in 5 mins. It was fake. Take my advise do not shop at this airport Cairo Airport.

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Chartered flight to Springbok

Give me a shout on if someone would be interested to charter a Cirrus to Springbok. Max 2 passengers

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Disgusted to be a south african

Arriving this morning from London Heathrow I was shocked angered and saddened by the treatment people receive from south african staff at passport border custom control no wonder tourism is down i heard comments from tourists saying they will not come to south Africa again and I don't blame them the staff at Heathrow are all nationalities and treat people with respect and dignity in our country south Africa i would not speak to my dogs that way is it racism towards white people I think so

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Lovely wide grass strip - perhaps a little bumpy but the scenery is gorgeous. Great little bistro/cafe, chocolate shop and a brewery on the airfield (bought 6 bottles on spec - need to go back and get some more!!)

Landing Fee R100, land uphill RWY 24 depart downhill 06.

High ground around.

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Parys Aerodrome Restaurant.

Please send me the details of the restaurant and menu:

083 229 8369

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