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Runway 090/270

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Severe restrictions apply - do not fly in blindly!!

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Nice flight on a Boeing Stearman PT-13 from 1940!

They have a Boeing Stearman PT-13 from 1940 in perfect conditions (as well as a YAKOVLEV YAK-11 from 1952), and you can have a test flight in them.

Wonderful experience, definitely worth a try!

Their website is

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link_aviosupervicie castellazzo

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Via Rivaltella 27. Reggio Emilia

due piste

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Closed Airport

Do you see those crosses on runway? They're mean "That's closed airport!"

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(no subject)

Reportedly the world's second busiest glider field!

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(no subject)

Reported to now also accept larger planes, up to 890 kg,04,20,16,3744136

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IATA identifier

IATA identifier BRV may have been requested to be used when this airport opens, but as of 3/24/20 BRV is still assigned to the Metropolitan Area of Bremerhaven, Germany, and to the closed Bremerhaven Airport.

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Wrong rwy designation in Windy

rwy design must be 08/26

your information should have

rwy desig and freq also

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(no subject)

Closed according to

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Since this is the only airport in this case, I suggesting creating 2 entries for this airport:

BSL/LSZM for the Swiss part

MLH/LFSB for the French part

or adding a field : "Other/Former codes" with a list of comma-separated other codes (currently sometimes in "Keywords")

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contact to use this airport

The new guys turn out to be very helpfuld and kind.

They are not the blue sky club.

contact: search with google for "Simon Károly Kiskunfélegyháza szvg" and you have him.

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Once a month for Air Experience with the ATC

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I used to go there every weekend to do my Gliding Proficiency in the ATC

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(no subject)

Club, not cub of course

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The operator has changed.

Airfield is currently closed for maintenance of runways.

New cub is

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(no subject)

Location for baggage collection in a strange place. I ended up out of the "safe" zone, and then I had to go back in to the baggage collection area. Weird.

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Excellent grass runway

The airport is very well maintained with friendly staff. Conveniently located just a few minutes from the cosy town of Caorle.

Service shop and a small restaurant on the premises.

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Heliport CLOSED

This heliport is closed

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New opening date for BER Airport

Berlin Brandenburg Airport is due to open in October 2020, according to the airport operator. Originally, BER should open in 2012, which was repeatedly postponed because of complications during construction.

As soon as the airport opens, the latest arrival and departure times can be viewed on

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According to a problem report: "The airport is now used by BMW for automotive purposes, among other things."

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This is a glider field, apparently. One can well imagine it is now in a kind of hibernation.

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This airport is closed!

I have been there with car. The runway is unmown and losts of dog walkers on it!

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handling fees are a rip off

I have been there with a 172. Not even the very cheep (compared to Germany) fuel for an by intention an almost empty 172 hawk could compensate the landing fees, taxi fees, follow me fees, custom and security fees. On top of that we had to disuss if we are permitted to carry a nail sissor in our private airplane (coming from an gras airfield we could have brought in hundreds of kilos of TNT, nobody cared, but carring a nail sissor in the hand bag going back to our plane was a tremendous problem...) all this makes LUX a very unpleasant airport. I wont go nera ELLX any time soon! Rather go to the colse by airfields in France or Germany! And this is condidereing that part of my family lives about 3km from that airport.

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Offshore wind farm

This platform is part of an offshore North Sea wind farm with a planned 600 MW capacity.

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Here I learned to fly !!

Everyone already knows the definition by which a "good landing" is one after which you can leave the plane on its own legs. But few know the definition of "big landing": and one after which you can use the plane another time.

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re: Multiple IATA/ICAO codes

Reply to @dmomper: Right now, there's no capability, but I've added "LSZM" and the extra IATA codes to the keywords, so that they'll at least show up in searches.

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re: new info

Reply to @Jan_Olieslagers: Updated the airport name and code, and added a link to the Wikipedia article.

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Uninhabited island

This island in the Pacific Ocean is uninhabited (except by occasional expeditions or cast-aways), and is a direct possession of France rather than part of one of its overseas territories. It does not belong to any Region or Department.

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(no subject)

Cool that the electrical lines are buried where they cross the strip but you'll probably break your landing gear if you try to land here, it's full of huge potholes.

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(no subject)

It's not suitable to land as it has meter high vegetation.

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(no subject)

Actually it's a grass runway and quite hard to spot if you're not familiar with it.

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(no subject)

Small private airfield in a small tourist lodging with pool :)

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(no subject)

It was improved recently for an ultra light aircraft fly-in event but military authorisation is required to use it.

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(no subject)

Agricultural strip in good condition used to load a Piper crop duster operating in the area.

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Runway 28/10

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(no subject)

Very good condition dirt airstrip in the middle of some vineyards

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(no subject)

Also beware that there is a fence across the strip.

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(no subject)

Agricultural shared airstrip/road in good condition.

Beware that sometimes there are some containers on the north end of the strip.

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Alicante Airport Guide

I found useful information for the Alicante airport on

If you are planning to visit this airport you will lots of helpful details on this site.

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re: Another Ukraien International Airport!

I assume it at least has customs for private aircraft.

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Road crossing runway

From the Wikipedia article:

"Winston Churchill Avenue (the main road heading towards the land border with Spain) intersects the airport runway, and consequently has to be closed every time a plane lands or departs."

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Still open (2019)

If flew in again this spring. Yes, it's still here. The airport is a bit shabby and run-down, but you can't beat it for convenience—just a quick short distance away from the centre of the city.

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re: LFSL

Reply to @Tgd: Thanks for the update! We're a community-driven initiative, and if you have time, you are very welcome to edit the airport entry to make the changes. If not, then hopefully one of our other volunteers will have a chance to get to it.

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Toul AB doen’t exist anymore : it’s been converted to a solar farm...

LFSL is Brive-Souillac airport (BVE).

Please update your database.

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Gran Canaria Airport Guide

I found a helpful guide to airport information on LPA at

Anyone wishing to visit this airport will be assisted greatly in looking at this site.

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Tavira Aero Clube...

What's a pitty... I would like to fly over the Rio Formosa...

The British guy still have its microlight in Olhaõ???

I wish that an other Aero Clube will open soon in Tavira...

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