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No idea why these comments are so negative

Great airport running a great training operation. Well maintained facilities and aircraft, great prices and great staff to back it all up.

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(no subject)

Does this airport still exist?

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Flight Training School

Great Place to fly from.

Active - Colac Aero Club

Flight Training School here

Modern Avgas facility on site, download IOR app to take fuel.

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re: Correction to data

Runway data updated.

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Airfield now Closed!

Sadly as of May / June 2019 Kyabram Airfield was closed and plowed in after the owner passed away.

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Beechworth Airport Error

YBEW is in NSW

YBCH is in Victoria.

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(no subject)

Note: Bing Maps imagery shows a much more serviceable strip than Google Maps does. Not sure how old Bing's images are.

Conducted a prec search at this strip in 2018 and it looked unsuitable for landing due as it was overgrown

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(no subject)

Very hard strip to spot. There are cones but that's it. If you have this for a CPL nav/test do a good recce of the satellite image before flying!

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Owner details as per Country airstrip guide

Dont know how accurate this is but it might help, G.Kinross (03) 56298418

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closeby strips

as far as im aware, ive been told for firefighting services, probably closest airstrip would be drouin, which can be hard to spot but is an awesome strip, they have a website aswell

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Owner Details??

Hey guys,

Any details for the owner to contact them? Or any closeby airports that are still operating? I'm in Longwarry, and the apparent 'Longwarry Airport' looks very closed.

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Does anyone have contact details for Natya Airport?

Does anyone have contact details for Natya Airport?

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If you have any queries, check their website out.

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This runway YHAB β€œhideaway bay” @ Cape Gloucester is overgrown and cannot be used it is an old runway not in service

There is another small private strip approx 300 m long and small heliport nearby at the Heavens Gate residence.


PRIVATE USE ONLY. Seek permission from the owner before attempting to land as it may be in use for a private sport aircraft.

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Fantastic Aerodrome

I must say i recently visited hamilton and it truly is a fantastic aerodrome. shame no RPT users, because that is one long runway

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i shall never return

Unfortunatley YLTV has lost me forever, aside from the many NORAD (no radio users) it seems that there are people waiting to report aircraft for bogus accusations at each step. it has unfortunatley lost me, and i will not return for a very long time.

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(no subject)

What is the location of amberley

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Bit of an update

Recently flew into Cobden and have to say its one of the few strips in Australia that i really respect. Unsealed gravel is now sealed asphalt. Keep an eye out for high rising terrain to the north and industrial factories to the south.

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(no subject)


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Contact details

For landing permission call Gary on 0419 552 425

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Longwarry Airport

Is Longwarry Airport still registered or should reference to it be removed?

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Please delete it was decommissioned many, many, years ago.

Please delete it was decommissioned many, many, years ago.

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Correction to data

Australian ERSA confirms YITT: RWY 14/32 gravel - 910m length

Can the entry please be corrected ?

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Never again

Never going back ! Simple !

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re: Airfield now closed

"have they no vision!"

Mate, that statement could be changed to "They Have No Vision" and then applied to everyone in charge of anything down here.

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Private farm strip?

From the road this strip looks somewhat maintained, but it is within a farm complex and looks very private - I don't have contact details but the farm owner would need to be contacted prior to use in case of stock presence etc

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Now closed

Redeveloped into industrial land, another casualty of the urban sprawl.

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Airfield now closed

A crying shame for the Island, the owners have closed access and will probably develop the land for housing. It could be a very busy airfield if it was developed to cater for the GP traffic, shame on the owners, have they no vision!

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If you need information with regards to the new airstrip YKLR you will need to contact the property

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According to

the location indicator for Bindoon Hill airstripe is YBHL (not YBOO)

Also shown here:,116.188333333&chart=301&zoom=3

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August 2018

Moorrabbin is still very busy with training and helicopter operations. Also commuter and regional service flights


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Incorrect and DANGEROUS details in suggested above location.

Correct location was as below:

Latitude: 18Β°14'54.99"S

Longitude: 145Β° 7'33.45"E

Airport was closed over 10 years ago.

Please update your information as a matter of urgency.


Mardi Atkinson

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You learn new things every day !

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Air Kotta

A small airfield popular with gyrocopters, RAA aircraft, GA aircraft and crop dusters. Model aeroplanes fly here occasionally, and model rockets. Rabbit hunting is available on local landcare plantation. Yabbies are caught in large dam nearby.Camping is available, tie down area, bring own pegs, shower and flushing toilet, bbq.

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(no subject)

Yes excellent airport

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Great airport

Very clean airport the staff are very friendly and helpful will be flying from here a lot well don staff

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Very Safe Airport

Autogates are not enough for the airport.They also do a physical check of your passport.

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Drouin Airport - Beautiful and really friendly!

What a stunning airport! Great facilities and really friendly people. Great coffee in the club room. Highly recommend visiting.

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Lovely fly in spot

Only 2 minutes walk to the winery, cafe or restaurant. Outstanding staff, reasonable grass strip. 1000m so good for just about any GA. First timers should perform a precautionary flypast to get a good look at the trees & approach/departure profile required at the Southern end. Tie down cables near the hangar.

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Visit the Aeroclub

Aeroclub holds a regular club day on the last Sunday of each month. Drop in for a BBQ snag for a few hours or make a day of it.

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Koralta Station

RWY 18/36 900m

RWY 09/27 700m

Windsock at RWY intersection.

Stock & kangaroos hazard.

Homestead adjacent to the strip. Toilets and accommodation in shearers' quarters by request.


Pripr permission from station owners preferable.

Now, this really is outback flying!

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(no subject)

What vhf frequencies are used?

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Updates required

The current ICAO code is YNPE, not YBAM, and the current Wikipedia link is

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Great Little Airport

Wonderful, very very neat and tidy little ,trendy type of Terminal and and a nice neat Aero Club. It feels great out there in an Aviation type of way, great work. It has pottential

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re: re: re:

Look at regarding Oglobal.

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Private ownership????

Am enquiring on behalf of a few friends. I am from glen innes. We run the 1/4 mile drags and the car shows at the local airport. Over at inverell they hold the car shows at the farm sheds just out of town. Down at armidale it is a bit like inverell. My question. Would u b open to running 1/4 mile drags and maybe carshows on your property. You would be the host of course. The group in Canberra have raised money to hold them at the airport but apparently there are concerns. No promises. Just an idea. My phone is 0413084883. Email . Gotta start somewhere.

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Does it have an airstrip operational for emergencies only? Thanks

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re: re:

check out oglobol on above website

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re: re:

check out oglobal on;

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(no subject)

Well, here I am, just joined and already telling you what's wrong.

Please understand this is more a question than a comment. I noticed it because it's in my local area.

I notice this airstrip is named Baroco on the Brisbane VTC. The nearby settlement is Kooringal, which makes sense.

Does the airstrip go by both names perhaps?


Richard Lee

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