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Amendment to YLAG

YLAG is not 620m in length, It's a privately owned grass strip, permission to land required, Max usable length is 500m with an approx. 1% rise from each end to mid runway.Sand dunes at NE & high trees at SW end of strip

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interesting history

built by USAF with cement stabiized gravel - finished as WW2 ended - plans for freight hub in competition to IPEC early eighties

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This airstrip was closed decades ago and has largely revegetated.

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Waratah village

Interesting for me because I'm writing a story on Waratah.

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First aerobatics

Stan Tilley took me flying in his Airtourer from Sandfly in April 2013. After a lovely tour along the coast Stan treated me to my first aerobatic experience over Hobart harbour. It was a great treat to be shown how it is done by a real master.

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Is avgas available at Whitmark?--wasn't a few years back. Hope yo refuel here for Maria Island.

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area subjected to grazing sheep/ cattle spring /summer ,

No wind sock , local cessna , caution Rabbit Holes /wombat holes appear with out warning or signage !

strips distances are 725 metre, & 400 metre

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Woodbury Airfield

Home of the Soaring Club of Tasmania. See soaringtasmania.org.au

Learn to fly gliders. Introductory flights available.

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re: Wrong Place

I've moved the airport marker to what looks like an airstrip near those coordinates.

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Wrong Place

Airport shown in wrong location

Try about -43 15' 147 23'

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Former RAAF base

This airport is a former RAAF base, originally opened in 1940, and the only RAAF base built in Tasmania.

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Aero Club Southern Tas Fly away

A fly away from the Aero club of Southern Tas was held to Lowdown on 8 Dec 2008

Pics of the event can be Found at :-




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as remote as it gets

Flew there with Par Avion www.paravion.com.au on a Islander

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PAr Avion

The GA field for Hobart, just next to the International airport - so close they use the same tower.

Left Cambridge for a tour with Par Avion, www.paravion.com.au - to Melaleuca, a remote strip near Bathurst Harbour. It was just fantastic, this is really what flying is all about.

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A cosy city.

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The wind! The only thing between here and the South Pole is a barbed wire fence, and it is mostly broken down. Great seafood though.

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A lovely city, and very historic.

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Last stop before the South Pole.

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