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Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport is an international airport 6.5 NM northeast of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. In 2019, more than 26 million passengers arrived or departed at Brussels Airport, making it the 24th busiest airport in Europe. It is located in the municipality of Zaventem in the Province of Flemish Brabant in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It is home to around 260 companies, together directly employing 20,000 people and serves as the home base for Brussels Airlines and TUI fly Belgium.

The company operating the airport is known as The Brussels Airport Company N.V./S.A.; before 19 October 2006, the name was BIAC, which was created by Belgian law through a merger of BATC with the ground operations departments of the RLW/RVA. Since 2011, the airport has been owned by the Toronto-based Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, Macquarie Group and the Belgian State.

On 22 March 2016, the airport's departures hall was severely damaged by two terrorist bomb blasts. The airport was closed until 3 April 2016, when it was reopened with temporary facilities at less than 20% of its previous capacity. It has since returned to full operations, with a record of 90,000 passengers on 29 July 2016.

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Shares runways with EBBR

But has a different ICAO, so maintaining the separate heading is necessary.

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re: Sint-Truiden is a much bigger airfield than Goetsenhoven

Reply to @DirkHaverals: Correction : the color of the icons switch also when a took a look again and I don't know why. Guess I am new here . . .

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Sint-Truiden is a much bigger airfield than Goetsenhoven

The icons (purple and green plane on the map) of the airfields EBTN and EBST should be switched. EBTN (Goetsenhoven) is a small private airfield, EBST is much larger and has much more facilities.

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Chimay code

Chimay-Saint Remy ICAO code is/was EBCS

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Heliport CLOSED

This heliport is closed

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(no subject)

Beautifull quality grass

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Very nice grass strip

Nice bar with teras for a summer visit!

But then again, it is my home-base field :-)

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update EBLE contact

Airfield is in CTR of Kleine Brogel, so contact Kleine Brogel Approach 122.500 or Tower 134.100, if not active Call Beverlo Radio at 125.525.

Airfield is PPR +32 11 34 27 39

Info on

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Mon aΓ©roport de dΓ©part principal

Nous aimons bien cet aΓ©roport il est pas loin de chez nous facilement accessible mais il n'y a pas tout les vols que nous souhaiterions hΓ©las donc parfois nous sommes obligΓ©s de partir d un autre aΓ©roport

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(no subject)

As of 2017 it DOES seem to be closed, at least it no more figures in the Belgian AIP.

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(no subject)

Very short runway, cross to the prevailing winds, and with dense wood just south. Not for beginners, nor for fast planes. Also, the place is within the CTR of Kleine Brogel Air Base EBKB, thus not normally available on weekdays. PPR absolutely mandatory. Owner is a very friendly and helpful person, but the field is rather spartan.

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Beware the free WiFi

The free WiFi at BRU appears to be sponsored by a spam company β€” if you choose the Google login (and presumably also Facebook), it asks permission to access your full contact list. Your friends won't thank you for selling their email addresses so cheaply.

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the Belgian hillside

This is likely the highest airfield location in Belgium. Beware of the windflaws in final. There's always lors of activities over here. It is a tourist spot as well. Enjoy a Chaudfontaine water !

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Private field, not open to the public at large.

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Good place to go

Very fine restaurant on site "De Kei". Intense glider activity including winch launching, overhead joins are a NO NO.

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Short runway?

Do not be daunted by the published runway length of 150 metres - there are longish extensions each way, and the lawn is tended better than any golf course could be. Totally unobstructed approaches, too, but do mind the unavoidable ubiquitous difficult neighbours, as mentioned in the a/d documents. Do consult the website, and mind the PPR.

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re: Leopoldsburg

Reply to @Jan_Olieslagers: Eurocontrol refers to it as "Leopoldsburg/Beverlo", although some websites refer to it as "Aeroclub Sanicole VZW". I don't know what to call it.

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Agreeing with the comment by FvH, I changed the name. Though formally a military field, this place is only rarely used by the Air Force, but sees lively recreational flying on weekends and holidays.

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re: Any information??

Apologies for my previous comment (mr admin, could you remove it?)

EBCS Saint Remy appears to be alive and kicking, but it is indeed an ULM-only field. And for an ULM-field, it is not that bad:

06 / 24 Gras 200 m x 50 m – 060Β° / 240Β° - Beschikbare lengte :312 m

15 / 33 Gras 350 m x 50 m - 150Β° / 330Β° - Beschikbare lengte : 396 m

( info from the "ULIP" on )

Very little accomodation, though: no workshop, no resto, no bar, fuel and oil only on request.

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Any information??

Is there any info. about this airfield? It looks short

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Name should be Leopoldsburg

The name Beverlo Air Base is out of date. This field is commonly referred to as "Leopoldsburg", see chart:,5.378814690678442&chart=301&zoom=1


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QFU Change

RWY 02-20 became 01-19 as from 2013-09-16 due to Mag variation

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is that airport for cargo also?!!

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re: Update

Reply to @ptomblin:


1. COORD 510753N - 0033120E

2. ELEV (ft) 66

3. Dimensions (m) 20 in diameter

4. Slope <2%

5. Surface CONC / GRASS

6. Arrival routes (MAG) 060Β° and 250Β°



Rijvers 97

B-9930 Zomergem

7. OPR


Xavier de Tracy

Rijvers 97

B-9930 Zomergem

8. TEL Tel:+32 (0) 474 71 64 92

9. FAX Fax:+32 (0) 9 321 01 34

10. OPR HR 30 MIN before SR until 30 MIN after SS



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Caution : para drop + gliders + helicopters + aerobatics + l

Radio mandatory (118.00)

Gliders use the Northern Rwy , pattern to the North, inside the broader pattern for aircrafts

Aircrafts use the Southern Rwy, large pattern to the North, encompassing the small pattern of the gliders.

Week-end & holiday para drop activity.

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Frequency to use for crossing airspace

Use only 122.825 (App) to request clearance for crossing.

Other freq. might not be monitored

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re: Update

I've added Zomergem heliport to the site. All I have is a lat/long and a name, no other details.

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re: Update

does anyone have the gps or directions to zomergem airport?

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Ground frequency is incorrect

EBAW ground freq is 121.900 (not 121.800)

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Airport web site

Runways are grass. Right hand + right runway mandatory for planes, left hand + left runway for gliders.

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Very quiet airport

Since the military have left the airport, it's a very quiet airfield to enjoy gliders

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ELEV 141 ft




Moorselbaan 164

B - 9300 Aalst

Tel: +32 (0) 53 73 26 64

Comments : PPR Medical helideck

Restricted to helicopters performing HEMS or AIR AMBULANCE flights in performance class I

HAPI available on the approach of arrival route 270Β° (MAG).

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Airport data

Owner :Mr Born

Altenbroek, 358

B - 3798 's Gravenvoeren

Tel:++32 (0) 4 381 06 00

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helistrip Data

ELEV (m / ft)= 120 / 394

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Hoevenen airport

Local airport used by skydivers.

Runway: Not paved , no lights , no ILS.

Tower: 135 Mhz

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EBZM is now a heliport in Zomergem (strictly PPR)

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re: Update

Thanks - I've marked it as closed. Are you sure no one uses it occasionally (gliders, ultralights, etc.?).

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The correct name is Oombergen. It is along the road N42

Aerodrome closed long since; appears to have been still active in the early 1990's.

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The city Oostende

This airport is the first one where I had to stay the night over (gladly enough in a hotel down-town). Together with a pilot-friend we had a superb night with oisters and mussels, despite our disappointment of staying over.

The airport itself is not so special, but the city of Oostende is worth another visit.

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cargo airlines

It would be of interrest to have a list with all cargo-carriers

represented at Liege Airport



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