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My Experience

Very Nice Airport, Just The Taxis And Luggage Are Areas They NEED To Improve On

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322573 Typo in field "municipality"

- Sarah Isalnd

+ Sarah Island

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NDB 2J 250 kHz Decommissioned?

Last log of 2J Sep18 - not on Skyvector

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Runway numbers

Just as an update, cyyj runway 13/31 has been changed to runway 14/32 as of 3 yrs ago

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c 119 usaf flying box car feb 1960

i was the flight engineer on a c 119 we were based at niagara falls arb new york,,,we left feb 1960,,,about 2 hours from edmonton we had a engine fire,,we landed at beatton river air strip,,it was snow packed,,we spend about a week repairing the engine,,,we returned back to rcaf edmonton and did some more engine work,,after that we contined on to ladd afb alaska,,,,smgt william mcdougall

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Float plane from Vancouver to Harrison

Is it possible to fly by float plane from Vancouver to Harrison Hot Springs?

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PPR. May find obstructions on strip. Share'with road traffic, logging trucks etc.

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YVR taxi waits are ridiculous There are taxis waiting but they can’t gat them to the terminal. It’s complete chaos and incompetence

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(no subject)

P.S. The marker is a half mile north west of the actual airstrip.

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Mule Creek

Mule Creek is a 4000X75 emergency grass strip. It is littered with gofer holes, but usable for bush planes. The Haines highway gets socked in quite a bit, so it is nice to have this option.

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Luggage retrieval is the absolutely worst of ANY airport in the world. We have waited over 40 minutes and still no luggage . In any other airport and I have travelled the world luggage is available within 20 minutes . In Winnipeg it was there by the time we arrived at the carousel. What is the problem in Vancouver. You are advertising good new things coming to YVR I suggest better faster baggage handling

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Passport control

Coming back from abroad, standing in avery long line with over a hundred people ahead of me. The new system is very insufficient and slow. Multiple airport clerks walking around looking busy doing nothing. It feels like an international airport was not ready to receive multiple flights.

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Tv subtitles in french

Don't get why all TV in westjet A-D is all in french..i. understand French is applicable.. but ALL tv's

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re: re: Why no Uber or Lyft?

Your points are correct only to a degree - you exaggerate on every item presented. As one who uses taxis at YVR regularly, I have only once had a delay in the past year. I do agree that the airport could do with more taxis available especially with late evening arrivals.

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Why no Uber or Lyft?

Lineups for taxis- but no taxis.....

Lots full of taxis- but none for patrons......

If you can get a cab, you are often refused a ride because β€œI don’t go there”.....

Why no Uber or Lyft? It might smarten up the rip off taxi companies.

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Can’t you clean?

I’ve been through at least 40 airports, all over the world.

YVR has some of the nicest washrooms, but with the poorest cleaning. I’ve been through here multiple times, and rarely seen anything different. Urinals that haven’t been cleaned under since.... well... who knows when. Paper dispensers empty. Usually more than half. Garbage chutes overflowing. No soap in the fancy automatic dispensers. Unwashed floors.

I just used one that had been cleaned in the last half hour( so the paper says), and EVERY urinal had a dirty floor under it.

Where’s the quality control? Is there a manager actually checking?

Sheesh- can’t this beautiful airport do better?

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(no subject)

It’s also a afb

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(no subject)

This air strip still exists and is used by private planes, even though it's not official maintained.

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(no subject)

I have not found much information on this airport other than it seems to be an abandoned location sometime in the 1960s. The Smith River airport holds the record for the coldest temperature ever recorded in British Columbia (recorded in 1947).

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It's winter, you need to de-ice aircraft!

Man you kids are dropping the ball!

Who is incharge of this debacle called YVR?

3 hours into a 5 hour flight cause you clowns can't have enough de-icing equipment to service your airport!

My 5 hour flight is now going to be at least a 9 if not a 10 hour flight.

Get your act together and stop this amature hour.

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Building of the runway.

I dont have a lot of information however just found out my grandfather ran the heavy duty cat to build the strip at war time. Is there any signs of the airstrip left. I would like to bring my teen to it for family history maybe in 2018.

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Shuswap Regional Airport (YSN/CZAM)

How and why Salmon Arm's airport got two very different codes beats me considering how consistent Canadian codes are.

Chalk it up to being Salmon Arm, I guess.

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Massage Chairs needed in all departure lounges

There are so many people that could benefit from using that easy boy style pay for use massage chairs not everyone has the time or the money to go to the spa was and people would really be able to benefit from this it's a no cost item the chairs pay for themselves if not make you a profit

Please in sure that these chairs are placed in all departure lounge is not just a long distance halls

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Wrong iata code assigned


Zhangye YZY Ganzhou YZY

YZY is for zhangye

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I was wondering if visitors are welcome?

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Taxi lineup and smoking area

I would like to suggest that YVR move the smoking area which is too close to the taxi line. Currently standing 20 deep (further to the previous comment) and it feels like we are breathing smoke directly from a cigarette. It isn't even windy. This is not acceptable.

Now to the lineup. How is it that there is a lot full of taxis and a lineup with NO cars in sight. This is a pattern that needs correcting.

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The YVR department for controlling taxi cabs coming to pick up travelers at the airport should all be let go!

20 minute wait line! 60 people in line! No taxi cabs!

There are 300 to 400 taxi cabs in a holding area but no one is calling them.

World class airport with no taxi service.

Total BS

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Float plane

Hi John Would You Have any space for a 185 cessna on floats email address

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Float plane

Hi John Would You Have any space for a 185 cessna on floats

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Glen McCaskill

Trying to re-connect with you John, it's been far far too long! <3 Please fire me an email asap! **It's Glen's daughter Christine here.

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Ultralight central !

Founded in the 1980's one of the most charismatic, challenging little aerodromes on the west coast

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taxi zone maps on cab windows

Cabs should have zone stickers on window. Similar to Mtl or other cities.

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Airport Identifiers

YSN is still the IATA identifier for Salmon Arm. St. Catherines is CYSN (IATA: YCM)

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No bar or restaurant

I am presently sitting in the international departures area with a two and a half hour wait for my flight. After quite a stressful morning getting to the airport, checking in and clearing security, my wife said she would like to relax with a glass of wine. A cold beer would have been very welcome to me as well. On searching Departures however, I couldn't find a bar or even a proper restaurant --- just an array of fast food joints that I normally avoid at all costs. On enquiring in a duty free shop I was told that indeed there was nowhere to get a glass of wine other than in the airline lounges. For a major international airport this is really. Not good enough.

John W

Victoria, BC

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@ (no subject)

you must be fun @ parties

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(no subject)

Probably one of the most nicely decorated airports around.

However, do they need to be spending that much money on decorating it?

There is alot of space that could be better utilized with seating. i.e. a water stream?

There is alot of artwork and the aquarium but most of it is in the departure / arrival sections, so unless you are traveling, you can't see it.

It's not like people visit the airport because it's an attraction, most just want to travel !!

I don't have a problem with this so much, in itself, but it comes at a cost to airport users.

A $20 fee airport improvement fee.

I would rather see a reduced / removed fee, and have a more "plain" airport.

I'm not a huge traveller, but have travelled to many countries and I haven't seen any that are as nice, but again,

at a cost which I'd rather not incur.

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bella bella to bella coola

is there a flight service between these places

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Re: ZNA location

I verified the latitude and longitude against the WAS (Water Aerodrome Supplement) and they have 49.18333N,123.95W.

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ZNA location

the harbour air icon on the map looks to be in someone's front yard!

Heliports look right though.

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(no subject)

not bad not good

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(no subject)

My family lived there from early 1950 until I was old enough to go to school. My father was a mechanic . It was a very interesting place. I remember when the garage burned down and the camp parties that were held in the common rooms. It was at the end of a very muddy road well into the 1980's It was shut down in the early 1970's. When we travelled in and out you had to check in on the open wire telephone system. When we lived there, there were only a couple of homes and a couple of rough dwellings and the majority of the staff were single men.

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Liard River Air Strip Condition

Last time I landed at the Liard River strip was in May of 1984. Lots of frost heave but quiet. Now I am having a hard time trying to figure out if it still exists. Not interested in big paved places.

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Is the Airstrip open?

Please advise if Airfield is open

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Where is it? Does not show up on google map.

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Kimsquit airstrip

Was built back in the coastal logging camp days, has been unserviceable off and on due to logs and rocks placed on it to deter users apparently. More of a super cub strip now.

There is an airstrip just n.e of the same bay by the dean riverside which is usable

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Kimsquit bc

Head of the dean channel central coast bc


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Beautiful calm lake in paradise, by a golf course, on an per

We landed our PC12, parked in front of the picturesque log cabin we rented through VRBO.COM, dropped our bags and headed to the golf course next door for a great lunch and 9 holes. The concierge of our stay had a fully equipped ski boat parked at our reserved boat slip as promised. We experienced the most incredible week of water skiing, golfing and adventures our family has ever had. We must try to replicate that amazing experience again.

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