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Home of the Brandon Flying Club

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Home of the Shoal Lake Flying Club

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Home of the Springfield Flying Club

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Home of the Russell Flying Club

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Improved Surfaces/Hangars

The runway is now paved! (40' wide), and they are adding a second heated hangar which should be completed in Nov 2020.

When making your radio calls, be sure to use "Steinbach South" Traffic. As "Steinbach" (the other airfield three miles north of this one) shares the same frequency.

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Second World War

During the Second World War, this airport hosted the No. 7 Air Observer School of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, and the No. 14 Elementary Flying Training School was right across the road:

Today, the airport is privately-operated, but still hosts the 3 Canadian Forces Flying Training School:

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Airport weather

While the airport doesn't have an official METAR, a member mentioned this in a problem report:

Gimli has an AWOS. It is at

Garman pilot uses CXGH as a Metar for CYGM. It is the Environment Canada weather at the town of Gimli 1.7 nm from CYGM

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Gillam Aviation Fuel

Avgas and Jet fuel are both offered at YGX, better prices than Thompson or Churchill with 24/7 service. As for the comment above, I purchased the company October 1, 2018 and avgas does not require 24 hour notice, but any notice with an accurate time is always appreciated!

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(no subject)

Avgas requires 24 hrs notice...

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Wind sock

I drove by the field this afternoon and there is a working wind sock here, in good looking condition.

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Nice stopover

Have a great fly-in breakfast, well priced fuel and small flying club

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BR 233 kHz Brandon Decommissioned

Decommissioned 15 Jun 2017

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Winnipeg Aviation

Go to winnipeg Aviation if you need fuel, they are friendly and prices a good

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i would like to speak to someone about hangar doors.

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i would like tp speak to someone about your hangar doors.

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i would like to speak to someone about hangar doors.

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Trying to locate a certain biplane.

Hello there. I live in Petersfield, Mb. I have seen a blue bi-plane flying around my area. I don't have any other info to give you. I want to contact the pilot, to see if it's possible to go up in it. I see when the pilot heads south of Petersfield when done flying around here. I'm assuming he's heading back home. My brother who is a pilot and lives by St Andrews airport, doesn't know anything about it. He helps out at the airport, and would know something about it if it's from there. I am guessing the plane is at Oak Hammock air park. Do you know of this plane? Thanks.

Gerry Hewitt

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Eyes open when using.

Runway is gravel. As of May/2016 runway is in very good condition with some loose crushed rock/gravel on surface. Caution on shoulders/edges as are much softer than main operating surface of r/w. Runway is maintained by MB government Dept of Conservation for use as required as SEAT reload base. Before use, is recommended contact with Lac du Bonnet Fire Centre to obtain any required permission for access and for any know runway conditions. Use caution on t/o and landing as runway is crossed by road serving small quarry a cpl hundred metres north of runway edge. Also has been known to be used by ATVs and trail bikes. Very suitable for most a/c in size up to PA31 or Cessna 400 series or even Twin Otter....depends how much flying gravel you're prepared to risk. Lots of parking area in SE corner.Main issue to using runway would be any squirrelly cross-wind caused by relatively narrow clear-way in which r/w is situated....other than that , enjoy your flight.

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Hydro Blasting By North End OF Runway

Is there any notice of granite blasting times for the airport

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Excellent airport shopping and duty-free store.

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Simple and friendly

Arrived here on a Sunday afternoon. Nobody was a round from the airport but a local resident came by to check us out. He gave us a ride into town to get lunch. Gas is self serve and on the honour system. Call ahead and they will tell you where the key is. You then run your own Visa transaction and write it into a book.

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Where is the best fly in lake for trophy northern pike fishing?

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plane's routes

wondering how often do planes leave and go from there? and where to? like ontario? winnipeg and how much if so to winnipeg

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Radio frequency is 122.800

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Runway info

Can you tell me the length of the runway?

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OHAP airport

For several years, I have had OHAP as a base, flying a Cessna 150, C-FLUG. presently for sale. What's special about this private airport? The parking terrain and runway are very solid and well maintained. Some services available; best to phone first one of three numbers listed in Canada Flight Supplement 2011. LEON WOYCHUK is the local AME with a hangar at the SouthEast of the field. He has serviced my plane for several years. I can vouch for his quality workmanship. You are welcome for a fly-in visit.

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Great service

Landed at CYWG this afternoon and parked my Cherokee at the Avitat. The first time I looked out the window, they were fueling my plane; the second time I looked, they were washing my windshield, as if it were a 1950s gas station!

Meanwhile, the woman at the desk found me a hotel room (nice hotel, very inexpensive), a taxi, and a list of vegetarian restaurants, and didn't even require my credit card in advance (as most FBOs do).

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Fuel and parking

Prices and fees, based on a phone call 2011-08-24 (fees apply to a single-engine piston such as a Piper Cherokee or Cessna 172):

Phone: (204) 831-7714 / Unicom 123.0 MHz

100LL avgas: $2.06/litre INCLUDING sales tax ($7.81/US gallon). Central Aviation will also match any lower price on the field.

Handling fee: $33 (waived with fuel purchase).

Parking fee: $27/night (first night free with 150 litre fuel purchase or fill-up if less)

The reception desk can book a hotel and arrange ground transportation. A taxi to downtown Winnipeg is approximate $15-18.

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Great little airport

This is a great little airport along side a practice area which makes it great for students to practice diversions, soft and short field techniques even during winter as this strip is well maintained year round.

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Porcupine Mountain Fire, 1979

Worked a forest fire at Porcupine Mountain in 1979. My high-time month as far as flying time is concerned.

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Fuel Stop

My 30 minute fuel stop turned into a 1 1/2 hr stop. The Snowbirds were there and all wanted to look at my Velocity, great bunch of pilots. Did not realize that the Tudor only has a 1 1/2 hr duration, even with belly tank. Main comment was "You came all the way from Ottawa without stopping?". Brandon has some of the friendliest people in that part of the country.

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General information which might be usefull

Owned and operated by the Springfield Flying Club. Communications frequency is 123.2 , uncontrolled. Friendly airport with lovely clubhouse . Coffee pot usually on and people to talk to. Fuel is available , both Avgas and Mogas. A variety of small aircraft including many advanced ultralights. Ski flying is popular off of groomed snow runways in the winter time. Telephone number is (204) 222-0079

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Runway 32

The CFS says runway 32 is treated gravel which makes it sound like runway 26 would be a better choice despite a crosswind. However, as of July 2009 when I stopped for fuel, I found runway 32 to be in great condition with no loose gravel whatsoever. And if you are able to do a good short field landing, the first 400 feet of runway 32 is asphalt.

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Brandon Municipal Airport - 1988

This was our first stop in Canada for our first trip to Alaska in 1988. Some kind sole gave us a ride into town where we showered at the athletic club and found some dinner. It was light for so long we went back and on to Yorkton that evening.

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Gimli Glider

This is where the "Gimli Glider", an Air Canada Boeing 767, made its famous power-off emergency landing in 1983:

Air Canada retired the 767 from its fleet nearly 25 years later, on January 24, 2008, sending it to a bone yard in the Mojave Desert:

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Those who remember flying on CP or Canadian might recall the Brandon stopover. Generally was a stop, unload, wait 30 minutes then go type of thing. Was quite normal to stop here on the way from Calgary to Toronto.

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Harv's Air

Visit Harv's Air Flight Training on apron 2. harvsair .com

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Busy Area, Good Fuel Stop

This is one of the fields Harv's Air operates out of (they own this one). The area around Steinbach can be quite busy during the days. If you are passing through I would consider stopping at Harv's for fuel - the staff are great. This is a prior permission field, but I received it with no problems.

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Lots of Cessna Cardinals Here

I bought a Cardinal here in 2000 with the help of Roy Sobchuk. Roy Sobchuk is the designer of speed mods and fairings for the beautiful Cessna 177 Cardinal and other Cessnas. There were 6 other Cardinals in the hangar in Brandon, all very nicely equipped and maintained aircraft. Maple Leaf Aviation at Brandon Airport is a Transport Canada approved manufacturer for replacement parts and modifications for Cessna aircraft. Fiberglass and metal components are manufactured in-house. Maple Leaf Aviation Limited holds over 40 STCÒ€ℒs in Canada (TC) and the United States (FAA). Maple Leaf Aviation Limited also provides services for the importation of aircraft.

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Picked Up My First Airplane Here!

Flew to Winnipeg with Paul Williams to pick up my Cardinal in May 2000. Paid my first fuel bill as an owner at the Shell FBO at CYWG. Had a great time (two inexperienced pilots) flying back to Ottawa via Thunder Bay, Wawa and North Bay.