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1970 is more than 22 years before 2018.

Looks like this airport did exist ... 40 to 50 years ago.

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Home of the Saint John Flying Club

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Home of the Fredericton Flying Club

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(no subject)

Straight skis

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Winter flying

Hi I’m wondering the condition of the runways during winter and if you can land and take off with straight floats ? And if so is there a contact to line up a place to tie down or even better hangar space for rent perhaps . Thanks

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re: NDB YSL Decommissioned

Reply to @KPC6NDB: Removed the NDB

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re: My Fathers Crash

Hello Sir,, I'm not sure if you were contacted but there is new information on your fathers crash, the plane was found earlier last week Dec. 2019 in a forested area not far from Budworm City.

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(no subject)

Mark Behnke, there is new information on your fathers crash. The plane was found earlier last week in a forested area not far from Budworm City

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NDB YSL Decommissioned

NDB YSL 404 decommissioned 7Dec17.

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22 years! That's like forever man!

22 years! That's like forever man! ;-)

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Upper Blackville Airport

Closed! Oh no, that's where we used to fly Ted Williams into years ago.

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Job Vacancy

(5) Job Vacancies please reply at for viewing of new job openings at Bathurst Airport....Thank You ,Have a terrific day.

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dieppe airport, new brunswick, canada

Is Moncton McEwen airport same as Dieppe airport in new brunswick, Canada

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Waiting or Dropping off Passengers?

Great Airport if you understand that the upper section near the visible front of the airport is more for buses, taxi and shuttles. It is much easier to unload or pickup a passenger by parking the vehicle near the entrance door in the 1st level parking lot. It is best your vehicle is parked here in case a plane or your passenger is delayed. When the parking kiosk is closed just print out and pay for parking at the machine on your way out just before the exit door to the parking lot. Keep your receipt to scan to open the gate. A bit different, just takes a little to get used to.

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My Fathers Crash

My father died in a crash 6/20/1957. He was flying for Medford Air Service . the crash was in a Stearman about 3 miles from Budworm City. Any info or reports would be helpful.

Thank you

Mark Behnke

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During my visit (1–2 October 2015), it was $20 (US $15) for a taxi into downtown Fredericton.

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Capital Airways (FBO)

Information as of 2015-09-29:

Location: off taxiway D, just before it intersects with C.

Hours: 0800-1800 local

Phone: +1-506-446-3588 (after hours +1-506-238-3653)

Frequency: 122.875 MhZ

Ramp fee: (for a small, single-engine plane) $15/night, first night waived if you purchase fuel.

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Have a look at our Website for this airport and the Maritime Flightsim Community including ATC (Vatsim)

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Tabu Airport

Atv race track

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Richard Pedersons Fighter ultralight

Can Richard contact me re subject aircraft. Keith Walker

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Parking for pickup

I am very disappointed with the arrangements for arriving passengers who are being picked up at the arrivals door. With the way the taxi parking and limo parking is laid out, there is only room for one or two cars to get to the curb to pick up a waiting passenger. At one point, I pulled into that slot beside another car because my wife was right there waiting. The taxi behind me laid on the horn. The plan for pick up has not been very well thought out and needs an overhaul!! I understand that the taxis need to be close to the arrivals door, but there has to be room for the private drivers to be close as well. I have been there several times, and I see no reason why the taxis can't line up on the far side of the pick up area directly across from the arrival gate. I've been to many airports in North America, but this one is the most unfriendly as far as arriving passengers being picked up by friends or family.

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fun day at the airport.

Would like to know if you are going to have fun day at the airport this year.Had a very nice day .Watching planes coming in for a landing and having a change to take a close up look of all the planes.

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There is no belledune airport

I have lived in and around belledune N.B all my life 22years and there is not nor has there ever been a Belledune airport. Nor to my knowing is there plans at any time in the future for there to be one.

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Immigrations office at st. Stephens

Is there a Canadian port of entry at this airport

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My dad worked there in 1951 0r 52

Delighted to see the work you have done to preserve the memory of this epoch.

Jim Cougle

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Location Info

Identifier is CCG3, Coordinates are N 46 02 18, W 66 51 29 (DDMMSS), Elevation 125 feet, Frequency 123.2 MHz, Just 20 minutes NW of Fredericton, New Brunswick. Magnetic declination in 2012 is just under 18 degrees west.

Regards, Charles

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cancelled flights

On Jan. 23, 2012, the 3:20pm flight to Toronto was cancelled. A passenger was given another flight at the same time on the next day. He was not given transportation from and back to the airport, a hotel room, or meals. I'm very disappointed in Air Canada.

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deer and birds on strip

pilots should keep a sharp lookout for deer and birds on the strip

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Early History

First Airline service was as early as Apr. 1951. Maritime Central Airways (MCA) flying Lockheed10's on the mail run


Trans Canada Airlines (TCA) started its first flight into YFC on Feb 1 1952, when Capt CM Harper and crew landed their DC3 .

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Once upon a time this is where helicopters from nearby CFB Gagetown practised touchdown autorotations. We used grass/packed snow areas alongside the runways. Is this still what folks do, or do you still use the "new" autorotation area at the Gagetown heliport?

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Boston Brook airstrip

Nice private strip built in 1952 for aerial spray against spruce budworm. In the 1970's, the place was home for over 200 people from May to July and aircrafts ranging from Gruman TBM avengers to Ayres Turbo Thrushes. Great to fly in and out off!

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Control tower coming in December 2009

Fredericton is currently a mandatory-frequency (MF) airport with a flight services station. It's the busiest non-towered airport in Canada, and Nav Canada has announced that the airport will be getting a control tower (presumably class D) in December 2009 with 12 full-time controllers:

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Trans Canada Airlines at YYP

In 1947, the Dept of Transport had taken over the operation of the Pennfield Airport, as the RCAF moved out. TCA realized that this airport, on a main highway from Saint John would serve the city much better than the long dirt roads up to Blissville and on Apr 1 1947 , Blissville was closed and the Pennfield Ridge Airport (YYP) was opened for scheduled service with all DC3 service.

A new route from Halifax/Yarmouth/Saint John/Boston also began on Apr 1 1947 and the Halifax Montreal flight now stopped in Pennfield . By 1951, Pennfield would see up to 10 flights a day through the Airport, including the transborder flights to/from Boston.

With the opening of the new airport in Saint John (YSJ), TCA moved its operation over there on Dec 31/51

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CYQM is the home of Moncton Flight College where hundreds of students get the best of flight training.

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Blissville and Trans Canada Airlines

Here's an edited version of an article that I wrote about Blissville.

The Blissville Airport was built in the late 1930s as part of the Trans Canada Airways system. Airports and navigation systems were built approximately 100 miles (160kms) apart, covering Canada coast to coast, to facilitate air mail and eventually passenger traffic. It was located about 30 miles (50km) SW of Fredericton on a dusty gravel road and didn’t see the first scheduled TCA flight until May 10, 1941 a stop on the Montreal to Halifax route. Evidently it wasn’t too successful as the trial ended six weeks later on June 15.

On July 1, 1944 Blissville was again added to the TCA route, becoming a regional airport for SW New Brunswick, and this time it was promoted with direct cab service both to Fredericton and Saint John. The distance to Saint John was about 35-40 miles (50-60km) SE, halfway being on dirt roads. TCA pulled out of Blissville when the Airport at Pennfield Ridge was opened up to serve Saint John on April 1, 1947. The terminal/operations building was later disassembled and moved in sections to serve the same purpose at the new Fredericton Airport (YFC) until a new terminal was built there in 1963.

Over the last several decades, the Blissville Airport has been used by Forest Protection Ltd. as a base for fighting forest fires and conducting spraying operations. It is now located just inside the boundary of CFB Gagetown with a 4000 foot (1200m) paved runway and a Military Airport code – CCH3.

(adapted from article by George Brien that appeared in the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum Newsletter, Fall 2007)

If anyone interested, I have lots of info on TCA people that worked there in the mid 40's.

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It seems like such a tiny airport to have that amount of traffic with no ramp space to park them all, but I guess helicopters don't need much runway, so you could just park them on the runway?

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Blissville, on CFB Gagetown

In 1981, CFB Gagetown was the location of the largest deployment of canadian troops since the Korean war, for an exercise calle Rendez Vous 81. About 10,000 troops took part in the exercise. Blissville was the centre of most helicopter activities for the duration of the exercise. At the height of RV81, 73 helicopters were based at Blissville (Kiowas, Twin Hueys, Chinooks from Canada; and Cobras and Chinooks from the US Army). A transportable approach radar (PAR) was installed to serve temporarily as the only approach aid (pre-GPS times!), with precision limits (200 - 1/2). The airport was temporarily given the ident CH3. I was flying the first aircraft (a CH-135 Twin Huey) to flight plan into CH3 under actual IMC, coming from YOY. Shortly after we changed from Boston Center to Moncton Centre, over the Maine-New Brunswick border, the controlled gave us a clearance to Chatham beacon (ident CH), which we promptly refused... I guess that the message about the temporary ident was not distributed to all controlllers.

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Home airport

Home airport, great FSS people

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