Northwest Territories, Canada

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Fond memories

I flew to this airport weekly in 09/10. Many fond memories of the QK staff.

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Former employee of PWA

Used to live there with VFR operation 1999-2000 single otter McKenzie Delta

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hill at southeast end of runway

Maintained by NWT Power Corporation, formerly Northern Canada Power Comission. Handle a loaded twin otter no problem. Hump approximately 3/4 of the way down the airfield heading Southeast, good takeoff aid, fairly gentle, highest point maybe 2 metres above runway. Taking off to SE, Snair Hill rises sharply to 330 metres AMSL. In an emergency, help can be found at the main hydro site, which is north on the road at NW end of runway, approximately 12 to 15 km. Hydro site has direct communication to Yellowknife, N.W.T. . There were large antennae on the top of Snare Hill as late as the early 1990's, and as it is the highest point of land in the area I am sure there will be at least 1 tower there for many years.

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re: An employee named Lugga

this is codey r u the gu that gav me bow way back

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restaurant services

We found the food to be a bit bland but serviceable. The staff were pleasant and shared tales of life in the bush. Was surprised to find omelets on the menu.

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re: Wha Ti' is not a Nunavut Airport


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Wha Ti' is not a Nunavut Airport

Wha Ti' is located in the Northwest Territories

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re: An employee named Lugga

Thank you very much, you're very kind. I just wanted to say hi to him & ask about Cody & Josephine. Thanks again, Billy B in Texas.

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re: An employee named Lugga

Hi! I know this was written a long time ago, so you might already know this: I know Lugga, his name is Darryl Nasogaluak and you can find his number if you google Tuktoyaktuk White Pages. Hope this helps!

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re: WoW!

There is not to much to comment about the Edzo airport!

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An employee named Lugga

About 15 years ago I met a man that worked at your airport named lugga, I don't recall his last name, I went on a hunting trip with him. My name is Billy Bankston, I live in Dallas Texas, e-mail is, if you know this person, I would really love to say hello to him after all these years. If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it.

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Ice Runway

From the CFS:

Opr win rwy only Jan-Apr. Strength & cond subject to seasonal and/or climatic variations confirm availability.

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Oh oh

Gordon Plew's CFS has this one as CFJ2, but his WAS has CFJ2 as CARIGNAN/RIVIÈRE L'ACADIE in Quebec.

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