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Runway is a bit deteriorated

Beware of lots of cracks and weeds on the runway when landing here.

They have complimentary bicycles here as well but were not usable due being in disrepair. Hopefully they will fix them because I want to go back!

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Some things to keep in mind flying to Orillia Ramara airport

1. The beginning of rwy 30 slopes upwards but this isn't listed in the CFS.

2. Lots of birds grazing on the grass.

3. The ARCAL is apparently private and I couldn't activate them when I flew overhead the field one night recently, so keep this in mind if staying here till dark.

4. The taxiway just off the runway is very narrow, so be sure to listen to any traffic on the ground as two planes can't squeeze past each other on the narrow section

5. Airport restaurant is tasty and has live music as well, (a bit expensive though) if fly-and-dining is your cup of tea. A bit strange of me to mention, but the pictures in the male washroom are very funny!

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re: Great airport for night fliers

Reply to @cessna1504lyfe: Also another thing to add, an AWOS is available here on 122.55.

Not sure why it's not listed in the CFS.

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Great airport for night fliers

Self serve fuel + comfortable and neat 24/7 lounge has made this airport a memorable one for me. Be sure to leave money in the box in the kitchen if you take any water bottles or snacks.

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re: loved the courtesy car

Reply to @cessna1504lyfe: Oh and watch out for deer when driving, they're everywhere on the island.

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loved the courtesy car

Nothing makes a trip to such a peaceful and picturesque airport better than a courtesy car!

Was able to see much more than I planned on. It's a minivan, perfect for small groups flying in, just contribute 20$ for the upkeep and make sure you bring it back at the same fuel level and it's yours for the day. Just call them in advance and reserve it to be sure of having it on the day you fly there.

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re: The Phoenix from the ashes

How much did they pay you for this? LOL! This airpark is anything but....

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Never again......

Almost hit a herd of deer. Some basic security fencing around this field should be mandated. If that wasn't enough a farmer was plowing an adjacent field and I had to avoid a flock of seagulls (not the band lol). I've landed here before years ago, it was bad then. I will not return for the sake of my life. Nothing there or in the area for me. Plus those cross winds from the SW suck big time.

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Restaurant is CLOSED Permanently

Previous restaurant area is now a pilot / visitor lounge with coffee and soft drinks to purchase.

Open M to F 0900 to 1600. Irregular on weekends.

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Grass Runway. CLOSED

17/35 ts closed permanently.

13/31 and 08/26 are open

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Formerly an airport

According to Wikipedia, the runways were closed in 2004, and only a helipad remains.

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Great new service on the southernmost point in Canada!

Contact admin@peleeislandadventures.com or visit www.peleeislandadventures.com in advance to reserve a golf cart for the day and they will pick you up for free. Great way to spend a day on a beautiful island. Tour Canada's first commercial winery, www.vinvilla.com or enjoy awesome food and great lakefront views at the historical Stone House 1891 craft bar and kitchen.

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Home of the Smiths Falls Flying Club


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Home of the Prince Edward Flying Club


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Home of the Windsor Flying Club


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(no subject)

Seen on an old VNC (unknown date, mounted on wall at Rockcliffe Flying Club). Recent satellite image shows a mowed grass runway and parked aircraft.

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AGREE with others - BETTER places to go.....

Small facility, poor airstrip, local area boring, no ground transportation. NOTL (CYSN) has much more to offer by a wide margin.

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Warning: high landing fee, GA not welcome

City council has forced the airport to institute a $35 landing fee (+HST, presumably). There are no exceptions, not even for resident pilots or pilots purchasing fuel. The fee is more than double that of CYTZ, which is downtown in Canada's biggest city.

I suggest taking your travel business to nearby Wiarton CYVV, instead -- it still welcomes GA.

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First solo flight 1983

When I learned to fly in Canada 1983

I completed my first solo 10. of July 1983 on Midland (Huronia) Airport with an Cessna 150 C-GUKF and finally got the PPL Licence on July 29th 1983.

I never forget this awesome time flying in Ontario. Wonderful!


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Looking for Belleville Flying Club jacket

My dad still has his Belleville Flying Club jacket from the 90's but it is falling apart. Anyone have one in their collection they would be willing to part with?

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Good runway conditions (summer 2020)

I flex into Alexandria just after 9:00 am today. It was my first visit in over 15 years. I checked NOTAMs beforehand for paradrops, and monitored the frequency from about 20 min to to confirm there wasn't any activity.

The grass runway is mowed nice and short, but the ground underneath is slightly unevenβ€”not dangerously so, but you'll do a bit of dune-buggy-style bouncing over the undulations on landing, even at minimum speed, so keep the yoke back in your lap after landing in a nosedragger.

It was firm and dry, though, and even without a headwind to help, my 160 hp PA-28 needed only a bit over half of the 2,200 ft for landing and for takeoff (after backtracking).

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Video of runway conditions

August 2017 (I think the order is Runway 24, 12, then 36):


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Contact info

From COPA Places to Fly (updated 2017):

Thomas Smith



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Birds everywhere!

Lots of wildlife on the runway in July. Be prepared.

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CZBA Burlington Executive Airpark weather

Burlington Executive Airpark weather - http://czba.ca or https://nemowx.com/czba/

Up to the minute transcribed weather - toll-free: 1-844-WXB-CZBA

AWOS frequency: 122.55MHz

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CYQS St. Thomas Airport weather

St. Thomas Airport weather - http://cyqs.ca or https://nemowx.com/cysq/

Up to the minute transcribed weather - toll-free: 1-844-WXB-CYQS

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Branford Airport CYFD weather

Brantford Airport weather - http://cyfd.ca or https://nemowx.com/cyfd/

Up to the minute transcribed weather - toll-free: 1-844-WXB-CYFD

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Arthur Eastfield CPC3 Airport weather

Arthur Airport weather - http://cpc3.ca or https://nemowx.com/cpc3/

Up to the minute transcribed weather - toll-free: 1-844-WXB-CPC3

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Guelph Airpark CNC4 Airport weather

Guelph Airpark weather - http://cnc4.ca or https://nemowx.com/cnc4/

Up to the minute transcribed weather - toll-free: 1-844-WXB-CNC4

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Brampton-Caledon CNC3 Airport weather

Brampton-Caledon Airport weather - http://cnc3.ca or https://nemowx.com/cnc3/

Up to the minute transcribed weather - toll-free: 1-833-WXB-CNC3

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Weather for pilots available

Grimsby Airport weather - http://cnz8.ca or https://nemowx.com/cnz8/

Up to the minute transcribed weather - toll-free: 1-844-WXB-CNZ8

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YAT reception 260 KHz

11/26/2019 YAT 260 Kc 0115-0630 EDST 400 Hz offset ID-6 sec tone- ID loud signal, above any local DB. NO co-channel or adjacent channel interference. Minimal atmospherics. steady signal with very little fading. RECEIVER: Collins R390a with homebuilt VLF converter / preselector / bandpass filter. ANTENNA: Marconi "T" antenna 22m vertical, 121m horizontal

would like your postal mailing address to send a written report and pre-made confirmation card.


Mike KM1R

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Use the grass runways

The runway pavement surface is in bad shape, except for a small strip down the middle of 08/26. Use the grass surface beside each runway, which is well maintained (it was no problem for my nose-dragging PA-28).

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Brant Aero

I had a good experience getting an avionics upgrade for my Piper at Brant Aero in 2017:


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AIrcraft Spruce Canada

The Canadian location for the popular pilot-supply shop Aircraft Spruce is here:


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Flight schools operations?

Are there any fixed wing flight school or instructors operating out of this airport (namelyfor PPL)?

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DC-3 (BT-67 conversion) landing at Rockcliffe

I took this video today: https://youtu.be/nPqeOn62x9M

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The lost villages

To the east of here, along the St Lawrence River, you can see the old Highway 2, several sideroads, and even some village street grids and lots under the water. They were submerged with the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1959, and flying over them is still an interesting (and creepy) experience.


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Procedures: summer glider ops for air cadets

[copied from Facebook]

The Air Cadets Gliding Operations have commenced for the Fall season at Smiths Falls flying Club on weekends.

When Air Cadet Glider Ops are in progress there is no inactive side of the circuit. Gliders and Tow Planes do right hand circuits and use both the main and grass Runway. The Glider β€œzone” extends up to 3,000 ft on the β€œinactive” side.

Joining the circuit from inactive side should be avoided, coordinate with Glider Ops on 122.7 if unsure. Joining the circuit straight into downwind is highly recommended.

Phillip Johnson

Smiths Falls Flying Club

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Just don't. They're throwing everyone out. It will probably close.

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Noise abuse

The constant flying over Sutton must stop, very loud aircraft and it all day long.

I am contacting T/C and lodging a complaint!

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Stop flying over the homes in Sutton

There is one plane that continually flies over the homes in Sutton. Please stop, you are a complete nuisance.

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UP train to downtown is great

When I was stranded here for 30 hours after a missed connection (see my previous comment), I was about to look for an airport hotel, when I remembered that it's just as fast and easy to get downtown now that the UP Train is running. I remember when downtown was an hour++ and a $75 taxi ride; now its a few bucks and a 25-minute ride on a train that runs every 15 minutes. You'd be insane to stay at the crappy airport hotels these days; you'd probably spend more time waiting for their shuttle than just riding the UP Train to civilisation.

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Don't transfer here

This is a great airport for people living in/near the GTA, but it's an awful one for connections, because when it shuts down for a thunderstorm (etc), it takes hours to recover. I was connecting from Ottawa to Copenhagen, sat for a 3-hour ground hold in Ottawa, missed my connection in Toronto, stood in line for 2 hours waiting for the chronically-understaffed (and ironically-named) Air Canada courtesy counter, and had to fight hard to avoid being moved to a flight 48 hours later. When things go wrong at YYZ, they go wrong badly, and it takes the airport a long time to recover.

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No drinking water, but very nice

I visited again earlier this month, after nearly 10 years. There's a drinking water spout that's shut down, and a picnic table courtesy of the Cornwall Flying Club. It's still one of my favourite little airports to visit (so quiet). I put some photos here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B0MUsUKAbWL/

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Tundra ultralight

Hello, is there an Tundra ultralight, 2 seats tandem (Laron Aviation Technologies) ?

Thank you,

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School 2019

I admire this website - its so usefull and helpfull.

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The Phoenix from the ashes

I'm glad to see that CNZ8 Grimsby has a new lease on life!

Since the new owners have taken over, there are many improvements and more to come!

The airport is clean and functional. The new airport manager, Gary, is delightful and accommodating.New tenants are rushing in with the knowledge that this is going to be the new area airport, after Stoney Creek CPF6 deciding to go the Storage Facility direction.

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