Prince Edward Island, Canada

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While out on the island there in June 2014, we drove to the site and the runways looked unusable.....

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official cablehead website is finally up and running!

Come visit online: www dot cablehead dot weebly dot com

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Nice field

Just landed there in my Mooney M20J. The turf field is nicely kept, rolled every year so very few bumps. The owners still have a few lots on the airpark for sale. All in all, very nice.

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Still in use by EAA?

According to this source, two of the airport's runways are still in use by EAA members, so I've reflagged this as an active (though not registered) airport:

Can any Maritimes pilots confirm that the field is still active?

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Good place to visit

I flew in to PEI for four nights. As advertised, parking was free, with cables to tie down. The school is open 8-8, but they can provide a code to give you after-hours airside access. Fuel was not self-serve, and the instructors are often up flying with students, so fill up when you land if there's someone there -- it's not really an FBO (though the staff are friendly), but just a flying school that sells gas and gives away free parking. There was no multiweight oil available (just mineral oil -- apparently, that's all the school uses in its planes).

For Americans, note that this is a Mandatory Frequency (MF) airport, something that doesn't exist in the US. There's an FSS rather than a tower on the field, but you're still required to talk to it (though it doesn't issue clearances like a tower would).

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FBO information

177 BRACKLEY PT RD, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 6Y9‎ - (902) 892-7983‎

Information by phone, 2010-07-28: Parking is free. AvGas is available from 8 am to 5 pm local time (otherwise, there's a callout charge): there's a chance that everyone will be up flying with students, so it might be necessary to wait for service. Park at the tie-down cable, using the painted lines to find the spots.

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re: Rockcliffe Flying Club visit, 25-27 August 2007

Unfortunately, the big low-pressure system canceled the trip, especially since most of the pilots were VFR-only.

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Rockcliffe Flying Club visit, 25-27 August 2007

The Rockcliffe Flying Club from Ottawa to PEI on the weekend of 25-27 August 2007. I expect that everyone will be planning to land here at YYG.

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The airport is a short taxi ride north of downtown Charlottetown -- it's been a few years, but I don't remember it being too expensive.

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