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Home of the Regina Flying Club

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User reports:

"Our airport in Outlook, Saskatchewan was permanently closed on December 31, 2020. Please remove from your map. Thank you"

"Closed permanently and the airstrip was disced up"

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Fuel availabilty

I will be flying into maple creek airport on Friday in the afternoon. is there avgas available or how do I get some?

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re: Who is he?

Probably this guy:

Not sure why somebody though this website was an appropriate place to rant about his union membership or lack thereof, though.

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Who is he?

Who is Dale Erb?

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Bob Struthers

I am about to land here and have lunch. Can someone pick me up.

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Landing at the Airport

Some years ago I had the pleasure of landing and taking off again from the old air base. One runway was not too bad considering its age, but I believe it's probably deteriorating quickly now. I remember when the hangers were there sad to see them all gone now.

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All the equipment operaters in Fort McMurray are union members. Dale Erb is not in the union. Why does Dale Erb think the rules will change for him? Is he special?

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needs new pavement.

Needs paving I see.

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commercial Flights

Which airlines have service here and Ground transportation representatives is not clear for someone visiting from out of state.

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The Cudworth airport is actually about 1/2 a mile to the NorthEast of where the location is indicated on the map. The main runway is 26-08, which is now mostly gravel from disintegrated asphalt, and nice grassy shoulders. The grass, either side of the gravel, is suitable for landing light aircraft. The taxiway, leading north from the centre of 26-08 can and is often used for landing subject to prevailing winds. 35-17 are the normal calls for landing on the taxiway. The Saskatoon Soaring Club operates out of this airport, as of 2012, and owns the large hangar off of the taxiway, North end of airport. Unicom is 123.2

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Corman Air Park

Corman Air Park is a small privately owned and operated aerodrome near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. It is open to the general public and is suitable for light aircraft of up to about 6 seats (2600 ft. runway).

Pilots are encouraged to fly here and the general public to fly in, drive in, cycle in, walk in...... are all encouraged to come out and find out what REAL aviation is all about.

Every year the Air Park is host to It's annual Fly N' Fair. It is really a "50 year past" event and is very reminiscent of what a real country fair was back then. It's a lot of very relaxing fun for everyone that attends.

It runs every year from June 30 to July 1 with a free and very spectacular fireworks display at dusk on June 30.

There is no admission charge but the Canadian Air Cadets are in charge of parking and they charge $5/car.

See the website at Google cormanairpark for more information.

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Fly IN

Looking to fly into Dumont Lake, Do you fly to Dumont Lake and Price?

Thank you


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This looks like a pretty remote place to me. Though there is a road to it as well as an airport.

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Wynyard Airport renamed W.B. Needham Field

The Wynyard Airport was renamed "W.B. Needham Field" on Saturday, 27 August, 2011. Flight Lieutenant (ret'd) Needham flew with 412 Fighter Squadron through the war, with a long list of notable accomplishments including 4 missions on D-Day in his Spitfire "VZ-R" before being shot down and taken prisoner by the Germans. He served at 412 Squadron with other notable airmen including Charley Fox DFC, Bar, and Pilot Officer John Gillespie Magee Jr., author of High Flight.

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Local Services

South East Aviation - 306-634-8668

Champion Airpark - 306-634-5558

Estevan Flying Club - Contact South East Aviation

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re: hello

Vic's registered his strip so it's in CFS now as CDS2 - Length 2260'

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how long is disley airstrip?

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(from @flander) Wind sock located at the south end of runway 34. no fuel available Tel: (306) 854-2277

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re: Facilities

That is, the runways have been resurfaced since the Google photo with all the cracks.

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Nice paved runways, only place around here where you can buy fuel with a credit card. $50 after-hours callout fee. $65 after 11 pm.

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Go for a walk

Its a great airport to fly to if you want to walk into town, take a look around, and have a coffee. Unique little town in the middle of southern sk.

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Fuel stop, July 2009

Excellent hospitality, service, fuel price, proximity to hotel/food/ground transportation. See Flying in Canada- listing under Places to Fly - Ontario - Carlyle, as well as CFS. CKM

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Timmies in the main terminal. Park at shell and walk over.

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Terminal Building

Its locked up like Fort Knox at night.......

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Merge with 8U3?

CKK3 and 8U3 appear to be the same airport. You merged 7S8 and CEP4, so these should probably be merged as well.

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Yorkton Muinicipal Airport

Camped under the wing here on our way to Alaska. Some mechanics spent all night changing the engine on a Snow ag plane. Tried it out at first light - about 4:30 a.m. Boy, that big radial sure can wake you up! Not a bad sound to wake up to though.

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Rates and fees

Here's the schedule of rates and fees for the airport:

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Friendly FBO

During a fuel stop en route from Calgary to Brampton the FBO staffer offered his car so we could go down the street and grab a bite to eat. I wouldn't EXPECT this from the FBO but it goes to show the friendliness of the people there. Parking the 206 next to a fighter jet was kind of neat too!

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Avoid the Best Western hotel here

I spent a night at the Regina Best Western in Jul 06. Not a pleasant experience, the hotel was hosting a sports tournament and there were children (and adults) running down the hallways all night. The non-smoking rooms and the hallway smelled of smoke, but they had nothing better to offer. There are panhandlers outside the hotel who will follow you if you go outside at night. There were no nice restaurants or stores in the neighbourhood, very rundown area. I requested the shuttle bus for a trip back to the FBO at 0630, but in the morning the shuttle was missing because the driver took it on a personal errand for an hour.

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the best

Last time I was here the water came up to the edge of the runway. As I was backtracking to takeoff (closer to the edge) I pulled up beside a new family of ducks who didn't mind me at all!

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