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Calgary/Okotoks (GG Ranch) Heliport Other

Slightly odd name choice in use of \ not / in the name. Care to ask the airport if they'd like to switch the angle of their slash?

Why? Well somewhat comically, when used in C/C++ software, the compiler baulks at \O being an invalid 'escape sequence'.

It's easily fixed in software, by changing the \ to a \\ to make the slash 'literal'.

But just thought I'd mention, as this airport is the only one worldwide that has \ not /

open 2022-02-28 05:13:45 2022-10-13 16:36:32

This seems to be a copied database error, because the only reason "Calgary\Okotoks" is even included is because of Transport Canada's inclusion of community names in the names of heliport and GA airport listings (a name convention not shared with other nations).