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RWY02/20, TWR 122.1(130.0)

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Scratch that

New heading coming up for Beijing Nanjiao.

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Reopened as military airport

This is evidently now known as Beijing Nanjiao Airport, and has reopened but strictly for military use as of 2021.

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Based aircraft

Is it close to Beijing capital airport

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Working time

Leider ist der Airport nur bei gutem Wetter in Betrieb

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re: Tour/business service,Beijing airport car/van transfer p

this is for comments about the airport, not an advertising billboard for your questionable business!!!!

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Info on Airport

XiJiao is a Chinese military/governmental airport strategically positioned on the edge of the fourth ring road in downtown Beijing. It has few or no fighter aircraft, although a couple helicopters. Mainly you see 737's and occasionally a CRJ 200 or Gulfstream. Only time you see Airbuses here is when CUA airlines (Which is the only airline operating from NanYuan Airport) stop by occasionally. My guess is that they are contracting to transport officials or the likes. Plane spotting opportunities by the far south west corner of the runway in a small park, or at the two ends of the runway. Traffic usually is on workday mornings.

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more 7 hour flight delays

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re: Map to be changed

When Google updates its maps and satellite imagery, the new terminal will show up.

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re: Map to be changed

Reply to @Inducedrag: I see three runways on that map. Why do you think it needs to be changed?

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Map to be changed

It has 3 operational runways the map requires to be changed

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RUNWAY 18R---110.30---179ΒΊ

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New terminal for Olympics

Terminal 3 at PEK will open on a trial basis on 29 February 2008, then go into full operations in late March. The terminal will include 64 restaurants and 84 retail shops, together with a high-speed commuter train connecting to the city:

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