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Orientación de pista

La orientación actual de la pista es 35 y 17

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(no subject)


Link Wikipedia:

Elevation AMSL 764 ft / 233 m

the airstrip may be closed

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NDB ARA frequency change

Araracuara NDB ARA 365 kHz changed frequency July 2007 to 385 kHz.

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(no subject)

We do a lots military operation training, combined aircrafts and helicopters operations, the 60% of our operations are make with night vision goggles.

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Ciudad Yari

¿Cuáles son los habitantes de la ciudad Yari ? He estado tratando de encontrar información sobre ellos en línea para un proyecto escolar y nadie tiene ninguna información sobre ellos.

Supuse que, dado que se trataba de su aeropuerto local , tal vez alguien puede saber ...

¿Alguien sabe algo sobre su cultura o forma de vivir ?

lo siento por mi pobre español , soy de los Estados Unidos y estoy usando Google Translate

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runway profile data

Hi, can you help, please, we are a simulation company wanting to produce a model of SKMZ. Do you have any runway profile data, i.e. something indicatin the elevation at various points along the runway?



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Nice Airport but

Must pay for fuel in CASH !!!

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re: yo trabajo ahy

saludos, usted sabe si Guaymaral tiene servivcios de combustible?

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Good airport

This is a pleasant, modern, and efficient airport. We had to wait a few minutes for a gate (because we'd landed 35 minutes early), but it wasn't nearly as bad as what I've experienced at YYZ or LAX. After landing, I was through immigration and customs much faster than I would be in a Canadian or US airport, and everyone was friendly and efficient. The car ride into the city was much nicer than, say, the urban blight you seen driving in from Newark.

One tip: travel guides say that it's best to order a car or taxi in Bogotá, rather than just getting into one. I don't know if that applies at the airport as well, but it's not expensive (it cost me about $25 for a car and driver from the airport into the Parque 93 district).

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El embrujo,

I used to fly to Providence on a sea plane was great would land on the bay north of the airport, later will fly and land on the airport on a czech plane

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Poopy airport. No aterrizar

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Missing NDB

CLM 345 kHz Cano Limon NDB is not on the map. 6 55 54 N, 71 09 28 W, 424ft. This may be a private NDB but has been received in Texas up to March 2012.

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NDB decommissioned

SBB 336 kHz was decommissioned Oct 2008.

TME 270 kHz was decommissioned Apr 2009.

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The airport is closed

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yo trabajo ahy

me desempeño como despachador aereo en este aeropuerto y me gustaria relacionarme con mas gente que tambien trabaje en este aeropuerto.

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re: Wrong Coordinates

Thanks for the correction, Thorsten -- I can see the runway clearly at those coordinates, and have edited the airport.

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Wrong Coordinates

The real coordinates for Caruru Airport are 1.0136 latitude -71.2961 longitude / 1 00 49 N 71 47 16 W. Those are the official dates from Aerocivil of Colombia. Anyway with those coordinates you easily find the runway even in Google Earth.

With best regards,

Thorsten Beisiegel

Geoentrópica Ltda.

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re: There are two "SKAN" airports.

Merged -- thanks, Paul.

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There are two "SKAN" airports.

You should probably merge them.

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Leaving town on a rugged dirt road you are surprised by a nice paved road leading you to a vacant 'control tower'. Adjoining the tower is a tie down area, and when I was there you needed to bring ropes to secure your plane. The paved runway is about 5000 feet long and in very good condition. There were a few large rocks on the runway, so if you visit, be sure to walk the runway and clear it. I will visit the airport again early in 2009 and I will bring back a current status report along with photos.

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I want to go and see this airport and then go to Ricaurte!! I heard Girardot is a beautiful place and very hot weather!!!!

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Jose Maria Cordova Airport-Medellin Colombia

This is one of the most beautiful airports of the WORLD.... Its design and structure makes it a land mark for this beautiful city of Colombia.

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