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Is it possible to fly with a small plane from this airport

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Bare Bones Airport

There's not much here. A 2 level space, but the simplicity makes it easy to navigate and fast. Not a lot of traffic. Getting into Liberia at night is super dark. There are not a lot of city lights, so don't be surprised. Also, the airport itself has one store on the main level which is expensive. Upstairs, at the gates, there are more, but again expensive is the theme - as it is with all airports.

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Totally wrong location

Guapiles is in Limon province, not Guanacaste, and Codela Airport is at 10Β°09'38"N 85Β°35'35"W

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Good Airport BUT

Ag field fair pavement but no fence around airport.

Be careful numerous communication towers around airport especially when landing to the north

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Great Facility but

Make sure you either speak fluent Spanish or they have put up signs.

You MUST have a Manifest with you.

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llittle more than a landing strip!

caught a flight here back to San Jose - wow, I think this counts as the smallest airport ever for me.

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Terminal building

Nice new facility opened in 2011

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Get your flying out of the way in the mornings, as the afternoon rainshowers can actually close the airport due to low visibility. Clearance Delivery is non-existent, regardless of the listing on the Jepp or NACO page. Use Ground Control for clearance. The taxiway doesn't meet ICAO clearance standards for runway separation, so expect delays for departure when aircraft are arriving.

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