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A lot better than it used to be!

A great improvement on the old airport and nice not too busy terminal. Staff often surly and unpleasant, but the departures hall is nicely laid out and easy to navigate. Still under utilised and with poor range of scheduled flights plenty of charters in the summer though.

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Great small airport, fast in fast out!

Really user friendly airport with fast throughput. Nice duty free now and good shops. A new airpotrt and runway are now being constructed on the far side of the runway. Always a joy to use this airport which was one an RAF wartime airbase. RAF Tymvou.

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Closed in 1974

Nicosia Airport was closed in 1974, and now sits on a UN base in the Cyprus Buffer Zone. Access can be obtained only if you have a pass for the base, which won't be granted just to visit the airport, you need a reason to be there.


I have visited briefly. The building still exists and everything is left as it was when it was abandoned, there's even a derelict Air Cyprus Hawker-Siddeley Trident still there (only the shell, it's be thoroughly gutted).

Although listed as closed, the airport is used as the HQ of the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus and very rare fixed wing UN flights take place. It could be argued that it is still actively used as a Heliport as active UN helicopters are based here.

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Green industrial lasers noted by several pilots on RW 29 base turn this week.