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I was so pleasantly surprised by this airport. It's bright and clean, and the staff are very nice. A solid modern airport with an easy to follow layout - I had a 50-minute international connection and it was more than enough time to pass passport control and security and make it to the gate.

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Now again mentioned as operational per

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Years ago we were there and made a fligt with an Antonov A2. Now we want to land here in summertime with our own Tecnam P92 light.

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closed, and yet...

According to official sources, this field is closed; however certain sources seem to indicate landing there is not completely impossible. The NON-OFFICIAL aerodrome database, edition 2015, ( even mentions the availability of AvGas and MoGas.

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re: which airlines fly to this airport?

Yes, you can send your handling request and they will order taxi for you.

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re: which airlines fly to this airport?


you can use a company Air Bohemia a.s., which can land in Liberec or in Mnichovo Hradiste (LKMH).


Phone: +420 603 197 304

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which airlines fly to this airport?

And is there a transfer to Harrachov?

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Re: Freq

Just click [edit] next to the freq and fill in the correct info. I see someone has already done it but now you know for the next time.

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LKPM airport freq is 118.750, not 123.5 as shown in database. What is the process to correct?

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Can anyone give me a adress to go there by car? touzimAirport?

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Oldest airport in the Czech Republic

According to Wikipedia, this is the oldest airport in the Czech Republic, built during World War I by the Austro-Hungarian empire, then used by the Germans in World War II for an aircraft factory. In 1918, when Czechoslovakia was created, it was the country's only airport. The city bought it from the military in 2004.

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