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Comment to Nummela's Touch & Go statement here within

Rather than prohibiting small excersizes , like T & G, I would argue that wize PR towards locals directed from the airfield administrators could benefit both sides of noise argument people more. By inviting those few "too-much-noise"-accusers (and they are few) to one or two rides in a plane could prove beneficial to the whole community in the long run. Simple PR. Yours Jyri V. Helsinki (ppl)

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Ground transportation to Helsinki

There are trains (and buses, but I have no experience with them) going from HEL to Helsinki Central Railway Station in the city centre (Helsingin päärautatieasema). The trains take 25-30 minutes and both lines (I and P) go every 10 minutes. Information on the train is also given in english. One-way adult tickets are 5.50, 24h tickets for the region (including Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo and Kauniainien) is 12 Euro. Tickets can be bought at the baggage claim area within the airport, at the train stations themselves (airport and railway station) or from a conductor in some trains (trains are marked, if there is or is no ticket sale available on the train or in which carrier). More information esp. on prices and timetables can be found here: https://www.hsl.fi/en/timetables-and-routes/terminals/transport-links-helsinki-airport . It is worth exploring the city of helsinki, if you have a longer layover.

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Nummela (EFNU)

Nummela is a lively Airport located on a ridge formed during the Ice-age in the middle of the Nummela town. During the summer, there is a lot of glider activity conducted by the four gliding clubs operating on the airport. Flight training is also on the menu conducted by the Nummela Gliding Center.

Because the field is located in the middle of the Nummela town, we try to limit the noise to a minimum. For this reason, touch and go landing training is prohibited. Between 1900-0700 UTC (during summer 1800-0600 UTC) flights is limited to only necessary arrivals and departures

We wish to welcome all visiting aircraft’s to the aerodrome, but we advise you to familiarize yourself with the LDG chart and the existing NOTAM’s.

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Excellent airport

Very good general aviation airport close to Helsinki. There is even a bus going to center of Helsinki from right next to airport reittiopas.fi/en/?from_in=malmin+lentokentt%C3%A4&to_in=Centrum%2C+Helsinki

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- Private, PPR

- For ultralight aircraft only

- Flying forbidden BTN 1900-0600 UTC (during summer time period 1800-0500 UTC)

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Parachute dropzone

Beautiful place filled with friendly skydivers through the summer months.

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