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This airport has an NDB:

BR -... .-. 388 kHz

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Severe restrictions apply - do not fly in blindly!!

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Short runway, curved with bump in the middle, Private. Ultra-Light-Motorised ULM main trafic

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About to be privatised

Several French airports are going to be run by private operators, including this one:

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LFLP Briefing

Airport is surrounded of mountainous terrain. Missed approach from rwy 04 requires strict inherence to speed limitations ( max 160kt) during climb and turns. Check your applicable minima when you have only received verbal/ theoratical briefing/training. In such case be aware that you are limited to daylight operation min VIS 5000m and CEIL 3000ft only.

Consider required performance for Landing due to displayed thresholds on both rwy ends. (lowest LDA 3,5°GS 3694ft or Visual 4423ft only!!)

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The restaurant on the airfield is excellent

I was there with some friends yesterday Thursday 21 May, 2015. Flying in from Luxembourg (ELLX)

We had lunch at the restaurant on the airfield.

The "entrecôte" (steak) I had was the best I ever ate during my past (65) years: tender, no fat, tasty.

BTW, the landing tax was 8.5 €, quite reasonable.

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Tour de piste & seuils décalés

La mise à jour de la carte VAC précise :

. les Tours de Piste (Avion / ULM/ planeurs) se font à l'Est du terrain,

. les seuils de piste sont décalés.

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misc info

Runway gradient of 18.5%

No go around possible, no RWY heading painted on RWY

Ranked as the seventh most dangerous airport in the world

Beware of wires for ski lifts in area

Two nice photos

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during seasonal wilds fires, priority use of airport is for "Protection civile" fire aircrafts: CL215, Q400 and so on

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Gas station open from S/S to S/R 7/7

night O/R

AUB beacon definitely U/S

GNSS procedure envisaged further

LDG lights for night VFR, perhaps in 2014

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Gas station & restaurant

The new gas station is fully operational:

100LL and JET

Open every week days.

Close on saturday, sunday and holyday.

From november, open every day

Beacon AUB 427 khz U/S since july

"Le Pélican": the restaurant is open every day except on wednesday (33)(0)4 7593 54 45

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Easyjet or any other

We would definitely use this airport. The area is desperate for international flights.

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Very good restaurant.

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Aeroclub de Valloire <>

This backcountry airstrip opened in 1969 as a facility intended for mountain S & R and early holiday ski activity in the Valloire's mountain resort.

Since and so far, whatever changes came to happen in the economic, touristic, and regulatory field, we have been the only local aeronautical facilitators and actors.

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Large Airport

Friendly for GA. Jet traffic also on the airport. In a D airspace. Nice scenery of the Mont Blanc when the weather permits.

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re: AUB Beacon and fuel

Does anyone have the latitude and longitude for the AUB NDB? I'd like to add it to the database, if I can confirm it.

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Nice Small grass airstrip

Avgas avaliable from the aero club. Runway surface is very good and taxi way is medium good

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AUB Beacon and fuel

AUB 427 Khz is still working, I've used it this morning.

Fuel (Jet and 100 LL) will arrive with some delay: now for end of september


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re: Wrong map display for LFHV

Thanks, I've made the adjustment.

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Wrong map display for LFHV

Actually the airport is slight North of the current location of the small aircraft icon. You may want to adjust the map parameters in the Main page. Hope it helps.

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AUB 427KHz beacon breakdown ?

AUB 427KHz beacon is not working anymore since may, any information about it ? i've emailed one of the responsible of the commercial chamber but got no news.

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re: Refueling both planes and pilots

Reply to @Luco67: As we intend to fly to Aubenas this week-end, i would apreciate if i can get some recent news about refueling facilities at the airport. Many tnanks. Marc from Luxembourg

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Refueling both planes and pilots

Since 2 months w've got a restaurant and snack on our field.

And, coming soon during july, a brand new gas station with 100LL and Jet.

Around the field you'll find many bed'n breakfast, and so on.

To join a member of AVL AirClub: 04 75 93 42 08

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re: frequencies

Merci de votre avis. J'ai changé le fréquence A/D. Qu'est-ce que c'est un "arrivée hub"? J'en ai jamais entendu, mais je ne connais pas bien la términologie française.

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Good morning,

Dans la page des fréquences attribuées, il semble que l'A/D (approach) soit 136.075 Mhz et que 120.225 correspond au guidage radar lors des arrivées HUB (n'est pas ouvert constamment, seulement lors des arrivées hub).

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During 2012 year, we hope to have both re opening of the fuel station (with credit cards, 100LL, JET and 95UL) and the restaurant.

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AUB 427 psn

A/D psn: N044°32'22" E004°22'18"

AUB 427 Khz psn: N044°26,5' E004°21,7' 184°/5,9NM from airfield

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re: beacon

Reply to @Luco67: thanks for that information. Do you know the latitude and longitude of the AUB beacon?

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windy conditions

by windy conditions, be carefull on landing due to whirlwinds on each rwy

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beacon AUB 427 khz still working, no ADF app in use

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use of the airport

available only for authorized pilots.

need to land on RWY 04 and T/OFF on 22

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frequency, food, fuel

frequency: 119,85

no fuel (100LL or Jet) available for the time

no restaurant (a new one is expected)

PCL out of service

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re: EastJet?

I would surely use it a couple of times a year

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Exquisite destination

Landed my Bonanza V35B there in July 2008. Absolutely gorgeous spot. Small inn right next to the airstrip, so you can eat lunch and sip coffee or beer while looking across the valley at Mont Blanc.

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There's a nice photo of this strip online:

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Does anyone know of any airline that uses this airport? I think it would be great for someone like EasyJet to open up this route.

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