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Semaine 7

Terrain réservé aux appareils basés du 16 au 22 février 2021 : terrain gras et abîmé.

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re: LFSL

Reply to @Tgd: Thanks for the update! We're a community-driven initiative, and if you have time, you are very welcome to edit the airport entry to make the changes. If not, then hopefully one of our other volunteers will have a chance to get to it.

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Toul AB doen’t exist anymore : it’s been converted to a solar farm...

LFSL is Brive-Souillac airport (BVE).

Please update your database.

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Current situation regarding visits

I would lime to visit Cazaux, but understand public visits were not allowed. Is that still the case? If so, is there somewhere outside the base where the aircraft can be viewed?

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LFSL and not BVE

Wrong IACO name

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Probably One of the most beautifull placein the world

French contryside, nuce people, hundred of casle, good food !

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Domme airstrip

A little gem of an airstrip we 'discovered' by flying down the Dordogne from Bergerac. Suddenly this pretty airstrip set about 1000' above the Dordogne rivet on top of an escarpment came into view and we just had to land there. Local frequency air to air calls in French, but it's very quiet and easy to see if anything is going on. A short walk into Domme and the most perfect omelette at the Hotel Esplenade comes highly recommended too!

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French Air Force base

Not open for public use. This base is the home of the French 'fighter pilot' school. Other nations (including Belgium) are training there on the A-jet aircraft. Can be pretty busy and expect student pilots in solo flying around.

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Airfield first impression

First time in Pons Avy...After being careful to avoid the Cognac Air Force Base areas all around, max alt 1500 ft QNH and 3000 ft around Cognac CTR when Combat areas activated, we achieve our trip to Pons. Beautiful site, middle of fields and vineyards. Runway with downslope (31), but long enough, with a little hill north of the airfield that gives to the situation a great sighting. Calm and peaceful, sympathetic guys in local airclub. Great experience.

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Two names.

Weirdly, the AIP calls this Aerodrome Brive Souillac, but the official website calls it Aeroport de Brive Vallee de la Dordogne.

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Brive-La Roche is closed

LFBV Brive-La Roche is closed since 2010.

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Toul Rosières Air Base is closed

LFSL Toul Rosières Air Base is closed since 2005.

The ICAO code LFSL was reused for the new airport Brive-Souillac in 2010. METAR, TAF and Notam are all for Brive !

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For me ... The best welcome you can find in France !

Go in Niort, they'll do everything for you !

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Good airport !

Bordeaux-Mérignac airport is, according to me, a good airport : it is clean, not too big so it is easy to see where you have to go, unlike Paris Charles de Gaulle ! This airport offers some interesting destinations in France, Europe and the whole world ! :)


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re: Information board

Apologies for any problems. The flight information is provided to OurAirports free by FlightStats, and we include it as a convenience for visitors. The data is quite good for major airports, but sometimes seems to lag a bit for smaller airports, especially outside North America.

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Information board

The flight information is useless, it is never updated and when it is it is hours after the event. Flights departing remain listed as 'scheduled' or 'on time' long after they have departed and even after they have arrived at destination. Same with arrivals, passenger have arrived at their hotels and gone out for Dinner before the arrivals board indicates the flight has arrived. USELESS.

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La Postale

Longtemps cet aéroport a reçu la postale qui le soir partait sur Lyon. Affaire classée, pourtant le temps de rencontrer et de boire un café avec les pilotes. Frédéric BONTEMPS

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Aéroport situé à l'Ouest de la Ville

Longue piste qui a accueilli le Concorde, mais fut aussi un centre d'appretissage et d'examen pour les qualifications Air France en Boeing 727. Longue piste avec une instrumentation de pointe. Gérante : Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie

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Easy access

Next to A65 and the Adour river, easy to find. Long surfaced RWY.

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My second solo cross-country flight was LFIH to LFBH. An interesting view taking of over the sea !

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My first pilot experiences were at Chalais LFIH

A rural airport with all kind of friendly pilots. Here I started my pilot's career with my instructor Edmond Fradon. I started on Cessna 150, and flew also their Cessna 172, and Jodel D-112 (built in the club). Everyone is an amateur, no aviation professionals .From Chalais I flew with 3 friends to the north of Holland, Texel Airport. My greatest experience in aviation !

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Cazeaux airbase

Hi, I would like to visit the airbase in August, if a visit onsite is not possible, are there places on the outside where I could see the active and non active aircraft


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Looking forward to flying in there end of July

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Frequency at Fumel

The frequency at Fumel is the general aeroclub common frequency : 123.500 Fumel is non controlled airfiel only RDO

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Summer 2010 visit

Bergerac was 'fogged in', this was our alternate. Big field but very quite. Twr spoke English and was very helpful. Landing fee less than 4 Euros. Friendly aero club made a coffee for us!

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Summer 2010 visit

Rented acft from Sue Virr from the Aero club de Limoges.

Friendly field, very helpful tower, only the odd delay to account for inbound IFR traffic (Ryanair etc) otherwise a great base for touring.

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Summer 2010 visit

Great location, easy nav and comms, arrived from the North (Limoges) and bought in via the published VRPs.

Landing fees less than 4 Euros!! I'm moving to France. Easy access to the apron via the Aeroclub de Bergerac so no faffing with security etc. Good cafe/restaurant, coffee good.

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