Normandy, France

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nearest to Normandie Omaha Beach

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re: Customs

Reply to @Warrior:

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Is just filing the flight plan adequate for customs notice?

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Custom at arrival, lot of headhack ... WELCOME !

Very, very bad souvenirs due to the Custom's welcome.

Either, bar/restaurant/shop: EXCELLENT ambiance, nice & friendly people.

Still, I'll avoid Cherbourg due to custom.

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VOR DVL not functioning

Routing via DVL back to UK on Friday 30th Sept 11 this beacon wasn't working however, can't find any Notam regarding temp u/s ? With feq 110.20 had an increasing distance rather than decrease when approaching. The indent wasn't clear and maybe was TST (test)

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A charming liitle airport

A very charming little airport with a friendly restaurant where in summer you can have lunch and dinner. No landing fee! Do land on the grass strip right next to the hard-surfaced runway with potholes which hasn't been used since World War II.

A taxi takes you to close-by St Valery for EU 10,00. Well worth a visit!

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Nice airport. I have flown there several times with our friend in a Fournier RF5.

Went to the north (Cherbourg ) and the south ( Le Mont Saint Michel ).

Used for holiday traffic from Yersey (GB ) and internal from france.

Also 4 motor hanggliders for tourists.

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