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(no subject)

I want to fly to the nearest airport to septfonds

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Displaced threshold

QFU 09, the threshold is displaced when the car racetrack is used.

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Is it international?

Is it international?

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Missing NDB

The NDB FC 395 is missing

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Not in Mende

Beware this airport is not in Mende but in Candillargues (nearby Montpellier)

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Nice GA airport, no landing/parking fee

Nice airport, with a good restaurant on the field. It is close to Toulouse-Blaganc International airport (LFBO) so IFR pilots can do ILS approaches, cancel IFR and go to Lasbordes. With 950m, it is OK for take-offs but landings on QFU16 have a displaced threshold of 140m due to the road. A bit tricky for planes that do not slow down easily like Mooneys. The solution is to do the approach high, with 3 whites on the VASI to clear the road, aim touch down point at the beginning of the runway (before the threshold), do the flare to lose speed and touch down actually at the displaced threshold. Tip when coming from the East to identify the airport: look for the white Ariane 5 rocket mock-up of the Aerospace museum, just next to the airport, across the motorway. A must to visit, by the way.

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re: Glider regionnal club.

Thanks - I've added those as "CTAF" for now, but please feel free to edit them (under the "Pilot info" tab) to be more specific.

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Glider regionnal club.

Frequencies: 122.50 ; 122.45

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It's the people

What a reception. We visited twice in 2011. Once with 5 other CTSWs and later alone. Each time the welcome was exceptional. This included

1. The controller staying late because we were delayed by adverse winds

2. Genevieve - wonderful lady - not only helping us tie down, but running us to our hotel and picking us up in the morning!

3. The parachute club driving us to the local supermarket for petrol as the airfield had run out of AVGAS

We really do like this place!

Dave and Tracy G-KFLY

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Languedoc commercial flight news ...

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re: Airport no longer active

Marked as closed - thanks.

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Accommodation at Villa Roquette - Free Shuttle service

Villa Roquette Guest House - 18 minutes from Beziers, free pick-up and drop-off shuttle service - King-Size beds, Pool - Table d'Hote - very attractive rates

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Airport no longer active

Mermoz used to take off here in the early days of French aviation. Today construction of appartements with only the old hangars remaining. Lasbordes NE is open for traffic.

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Navy is aout

French Navy was left this airport in 2011

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Assembly point for Airbus

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refuelling and staying over

Campanile hotel 10 minutes away for sleeping and very nice food. The airport is not always open so call first. Nice people good prices like 14 for landing and normal fuelprices. Custom is kind of keen on N tailnumbers.

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