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Glasgow Airport

Glasgow Airport is an international airport in Scotland. It is located in Paisley, Renfrewshire, 8.6 nautical miles west of Glasgow city centre. In 2019, the airport handled 8.84 million passengers, an 8.4% annual decrease, making it the second-busiest in Scotland, after Edinburgh Airport, and the ninth-busiest airport in the United Kingdom.

The airport is owned and operated by AGS Airports which also owns and operates Aberdeen and Southampton airports. It was previously owned and operated by Heathrow Airport Holdings. The airport's largest tenants are British Airways, easyJet and Loganair. Other major airlines using Glasgow as a base include and TUI Airways.

Glasgow Airport was opened in 1966 and originally flights only operated to other places in the United Kingdom and Europe. Glasgow Airport began to offer flights to other places around the world, flights which previously used Glasgow Prestwick Airport, which was subsequently relegated as the city's secondary airport catering for Ryanair, freight and charter operators.

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(no subject)

Grass strip on a closed RAF base.

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Grass strip restricted to stop types,

Fingland is a short strip, suitable for stop types and all welcome. should be ready by oct 21,,,,

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Pilot info

This page has some pilot info, including the owner's contact info:

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Home, sweet home

Spent many days happily playing with helicopters out of this airport back in the '90s.

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Ballone Castle Airstrip

This is a sheep field used occasionally as a private airstrip.

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Bandits angels 20!

Keep a watch out fellows, you may find a Eurofighter up your arse!

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From the Otter pilot

Pilot notes: Find airport info on airport information

For Tidal info, consult the tables for "Barra North Bay". Generally speaking when the tide is below 3.0 meter the runways are usable. The first to be flooded is runway 29, then 33, lastly 25.

There are normally two scheduled flights a day with a turn-around time of 20-30 minutes. The twin otters will receive priority so plan a landing and departure at other times. Schedules are at irregular, but published times.

It is advisable to phone Barra airport authority before departure.

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The only airport in the world where you need to consult tide tables before making your flight plan - the runways are only usable at low tide.

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friendly relaxed welcoming

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TL 376 NDB Decommissioned

Last Feb 2011 Decom Jun 2011

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Oban North Conel does have an NDB

Oban NDB - OBN 404 kHz is located just to the east of the present airport boundry.

L/L: N56°27'49" x W005°23'41" 39ft ASL

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Learned to fly there in mid 70s. First to use first tar runway,m which we build with stones from the former railway line. Once you have soloed there no airfield will appear daunting, since the runmway is the worlds narrowest aircraft deck, which seldom points into wind. Still a great place to fly/soar/tour, all year round. Got my Gold height in Jnauary, Diamond in June, it really is all year soaring, but just a touch cool in winter

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Flying Ops

Closed to Civil Flying. Most Military Flying ceased but Air Cadet Organisation still flys up to 3 Grob 109 Vigilant T Mk1 Motor Gliders from RAF Kinloss and the Moray Flying Club Flies up to 3 light aircraft (currently Cessna 150/172) from the airfield. Contact Freq 122.1 MHz.

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Handling agent

A great airport for GA I used ocean sky for handling they are one of the better FBO's on site

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Tried to fill in the missing parts

...Seems as though some of the parts I couldn't find, anyone else care to do it, here is the official airport map for BRR/EGPR...

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re: Article on Ashaig Airstrip

Reply to @david:

The url of the English article, mentioned in the first comment, has changed to:



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Approach Photo

Interesting photo of the airport.

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Helicopter tours

The airport currently seems to be a base for helicopter tours:

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A field with lots of character

This is a former RAF base from world war II which is the only one still using the original buildings. The FBO, Far North Aviation, is in the original tower. You feel very much into "Battle of Britain" here. Great service, very friendly, no hassles with the paperwork. A very nice place to land after or before crossing the pond. The approach is a LOC DME and the weather can be low, but even though it's called the Highlands there is nothing solid to hit near the airport. The local scotch (Old Pulteney) is excellent, as is the beer (the Real Mackay).

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Article on Ashaig Airstrip

Here's a detailed English-language article about this airstrip from a Dutch site:

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Landing on the beach

This airport has scheduled service from Twin Otters that land on the beach.

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