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Ellinikon International Airport

Ellinikon International Airport was the international airport of Athens, Greece for 63 years. It was replaced on March 28, 2001 by the new Athens International Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos. The airport was located 7 kilometres south of Athens, and just west of Glyfada. It was named after the village of Elliniko, now a suburb of Athens. The airport had an official capacity of 11 million passengers per year, but served 13.5 million passengers during it's last year of operations. A large portion of the site was converted into a stadium and sports facilities for the 2004 Olympic Games.

The former airport is now the site of a major development for coastal Athens which came under criticism because well-preserved historic buildings were demolished. The Hellenikon Metropolitan Park is being constructed with work beginning in 2020 and will consist of luxury homes, hotels, a casino, the Inspire Athens tower, a marina, shops, and offices to be built by 2025.

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Athens International Airport

Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos is the largest international airport in Greece, serving the city of Athens and region of Attica. It began operation on 28 March 2001 and is the main base of Aegean Airlines, as well as other smaller Greek airlines. It replaced the old Ellinikon International Airport. Athens International is currently a member of Group 1 of Airports Council International as of 2021, it is the 15th-busiest airport in Europe and the busiest and largest in the Balkans.

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Aktion Airport charges and fees

see w w w (dot) fraport-greece (dot) com

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Heard there may be industrial action

Flying home tonight any chance of delays

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(no subject)

This airport has been closed since July 21 2016.

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Are GA aircraft under 2T permitted if so can you clear C&I even though they are in the EU and Schengen if arriving from a full EU country?

What are the fees?


Handling (Is it mandatory)


passenger tax arriving and departing?

Any other fee which has been thought of but not specifically mentioned by me?

Thanks in Advance

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Refugee camp

The airport has sadly been converted into a refugee camp. It cannot be used for aviation any more.

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It is a cute little airport.

I liked it very much

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Fees at LGKR

Flew in Sept 13-18 2015. Cessna 210 MGTW 1740 Kg.

IFR from Hungary cancelled (due to VFR weather) on arrival when contacting Greek radar. No IFR fee.

Paid the following fees:

Landing 7.50 Euro

Parking 7.50/day

Handling at Swissport with AOPA card 25 Euro

Avgas 2.90/Lt

Passenger departure Tax 12 Euro/passenger

Not sure about a departure tax but I think there was one.

Everything went smoothly and professionally. Would recommend the airport as well the community for a vacation spot. Just pay attention to local time difference if arriving from up north due to the difference in local time.

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this is military airport, was civil until 1997

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update location

Moved this airport to the correct location

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delayed flight

my daughter and three others were due to fly back to Ireland/Dublin last nite landing in Dublin airport for 23.00 irish time but in t middle of flight tom 1239 take off on runway t plane broke dead on the runway due to plane manfuntion all passengers were taken off flight tom 1239 and taken back to terminal in which were left there for quite awhile before taken them then onto a hotel accommodation for the night now this morning they were to be collected by bus at 10.00 greek time when all ready and waiting to be informed that the bus would not be arriving till 12.30 greek time.Im afraid to say but this Is not good enough when 4 persons were to return to work today theses 4 passengers Marguerite Dowling,Martin o Connor, Ally o Connor, Niamh Mc Kenna are out of pocket and running low in money in which they still have to spend reason been they were given a breakfast that would not in their eyes fit for a dog. Now in all due respect this is noway to treat passenger's on any of yer flights total unrespectable. regards Joan Dowling /phone num 087 6066927.

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first airport where i flew as pic <3

i just love to fly this here in this airport

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Aegean-Olympic to reduce prices

In a recent press release following the acquisition of Olympic by Aegean, the company proposes (effective 1/12/2013) to reduce air ticket prices to €39 and to between 0-20€ (depending on the time of year) if your ongoing/incoming journey is on an Olympic/Aegean flight. If this is implemented, it's excellent news for Paros (also Naxos, and the other 10 Greek "public service routes").

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Paros is Getting a New Airport

The situation with Paros airport is not so simple. Read the article in the Summer 2013 issue of Paros Life & Naxos Life at paroslife dot com if you'd like to understand better:

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Polykastro Airport - Runway info

The runway at Polykastro airfield is 18/36 and is in excellent condition, the length is 1.000 meters long and 23 meters wide, asphalt. The wind usually blowing from the north or south, never x-wind

Was there and is the best airfield in the South East Europe. There are no fees!!

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Reduce costs, make commercially viable.

Presently flights can only be afforded by rich people. The small Dash planes have difficulty leaving with more than 18 passengers in a 38 seater! Flight prices are more than twice that of Blue Star ferries. Construct a runway 1900 mtrs for tourist planes to land from Europe or forget being a tourist destination. Mykonos and Santorini both succeed in attracting European and other overseas visitors why not Paros? Hotels have lots of empty rooms. Wake up Paros get on with a proper size airport!! Your a large island with lots of accommodation.

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I would land there if I were you... It is now a rowing center... :)

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re: Olimboi airport


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re: civil airport!!!!!

politics from larissa are only for their personal interests !! Germans please do something !! the only thing who needs is a terminal !!

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Great private airstrip with hotel

It was great visiting this little airport. Mr George who has tower duties and who owns the hotel next to the landing strip is a great character, very helpful with everything. The hotel is very nice and inexpensive. From the site you can visit local attractions like Edessa, Kaimaktsalan mountain for skiing, the picturesque village of Agios Athanassios, the Pozar hot springs, Nymfaio, and further away, the Prespa lakes etc. Highly recommended trip!

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STOP USING FLIGHT STATS for information it is awful

STOP USING FLIGHT STATS for information it is awful

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re: civil airport!!!!!

politics from larisa there are not interesting for their town !! its very simple to activate the airport the only thing who needs is a terminal !! its a lot of money !! shame !!

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Parking positions for non sceduled traffic, only limited available. Prior request recommended.

AVGAS 100LL not available.

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re: Olimboi airport


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Olimboi airport


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Polykastro Airfield info frm an aviator

One of the best airfields in the Southeast Europe!

Approx Log/Lat. : N40.59 E22.37

Great aera, flat, without obstacles, free airspace for any kind of air activities, all services for family of aviators in the city of Polykastro.

Nearby the international airport of Thessaloniki, Makedonia (LGTS) but without the bureaucracy of CAA .

The Airport Trafic Zone (ATZ) is outside of LGTS Terminal Area (TMA).

All Radionavigational aids nearby available (VORs, NDBs, DMEs, ILS)

From FSK VOR radial R242, from TSL VOR R333/ 33DME

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re: civil airport!!!!!

Larisa doesn't have 300,000 people; the main city itself has about 100,000 people in it, with the suburbs and surrounding municipalities perhaps adding about 100,000: that's a total of 200,000 people.

Now, if you have a close look at the map, this airport has a few serious problems:

1. Its layout has left no provision for civil (general and commercial) aviation installations (terminals, maintenance hangars etc) at all.

2. The runway is OK, but the exits and entrances were not designed for commercial aircraft; at best, it would suit business jets up to the size of a Bombardier Global 8000, and you can pretty much forget planes like a Boeing 737 or an Airbus A320 (and its family) or bigger. It would need major modifications and upgrades.

3. There's the Nea Anchialos National Airport outside nearby Volos (IATA: VOL, ICAO: LGBL), which already has a terminal.

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Arnissa Airport frequency

Local frequency for gliders traffic is 123,4

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re: Runway info

Thank you - I've added the frequency on the Pilot Info page. Do you happen to know the runway orientation and length (e.g. Runway 9/27, 800m)?

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civil airport!!!!!

why in a city like larisa with 300.000 people there isn't a civil airport ??????????????????????

if someone knows something please speak.........

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Runway info

The runway is earth and local VHF frequency 119,70 only when Aeroclub has airplane activities. Usualy Gliders and ultralights flying in the area

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Polykastro Airport info

For more airport information and landing permition, you can send email at Kilkis Aeroclub email

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Airport info

Fuel, MoGas or AvGas, can be arranged upon request from local aeroclub , Kilkis Aeroclub.

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Runway info

Polykastro airfield has RWY 18/36 and is asphalt.

TORA is 1.000 meters

There are no CAA facilities only local Aeroclub of Kilkis

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Polykastro airfield frequency

The local frequency of CTAF is 119,70

Sometimes there is someone on the TWR

Usually is uncontrolled airfield, except when local aerosport games are taking place

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Contact details for Polykastro airport

Telephone number for the airport is +30-23430-22.660 and the fax +30-23430-31293

The president of Kilkis Aeroclub is mr. Stergios Loukas and his telephone is +30-6944.438127 .

For English speaking call +30-6944.267627 Capt.George.

All General Aviation aircraft welcome.

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Kilkis Aeroclub AL.KI -Airport

Polykastro airport constructed by Kilkis Aeroclub, Prefecture of Kilkis, Municipality of Polykastro city and members of Kilkis Aeroclub.

Now operated by Kilkis Aeroclub. It is an approved by HCAA as a landing strip, according to AIP of Greece, AGA 3-6 for General Aviation Aircraft. It is located 4 KM east from the city of Polykastro and 34NM from TSL VOR on Radial 340. The Lat/Log are N40.59 E22.37

There are two hangars for general aviation airplanes and a building for ground school aviation courses, a control room and bathrooms.

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Tatoi airport

Tatoi airport (LGTT) is a military airport used also from flight scools from training perposies. GA flights need ppr to land at LGTT

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The (only) Airport in Western Greece during winter

Corfu (Kerkyra) is one of the few Greek airports with normal working hours during the winter (see - some airports are open only on some days, some are open for only an hour in the evening, etc).

The arrival and stay in Corfu was pleasant. I assume that during the high season the airport may be quite busy.

An important advice: have the AOPA membership card or some proof that you are a flying-club member with you. With proof of club membership, the landing fee is symbolic (some 4 EUR) and you get a hefty discount on handling (some 15-20 EUR). It is rumored that Greeks are trying hard to invite GA guests to their nice places and these discounts are part of this campaign. We can only applaud this attitude and wish other countries would do the same.

Altogether the experience was very nice, although the Greek way (everything can be solved, sometimes a bit slow). ARO is the tower: they were very friendly and helpful in planning and arranging the flight through Greek airspace.

For a 100$ hamburger type of stay (in reality it is a 600 EUR Greek dinner), there is quite a decent Hotel Bretagne 5 minutes walk from the airport and another 15 minutes walk from the city centre.

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re: Runways?

According to the Wikipedia article they are, in fact, runways.

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Are those runways or helicopter taxiways?

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