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contact to use this airport

The new guys turn out to be very helpfuld and kind.

They are not the blue sky club.

contact: search with google for "Simon Károly Kiskunfélegyháza szvg" and you have him.

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(no subject)

Club, not cub of course

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The operator has changed.

Airfield is currently closed for maintenance of runways.

New cub is

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This is a glider field, apparently. One can well imagine it is now in a kind of hibernation.

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This airport is closed!

I have been there with car. The runway is unmown and losts of dog walkers on it!

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(no subject)

According to, the field is closed by the military, but sees some limited civilian activity

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Hi guys, beware, this is very expensive airport- for Cirrus SR22 - few hours standing, i pay together more than 600eur. 200eur for landing and parking and 400eur for handling( handled by Malev). And they dont make free cofee for you, just for pax :D

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Frequency change

The frequency changed to 123.675

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(no subject)

Re-added the ICAO as it is now in the AIP, as found on Eurocontrol.

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But you need to watch out about the taxies to downtown

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123,65 Mhz

tel: +36305751043

runway 850 x 90 grass 16/34

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Csakvar airport is closed.

Csakvar airport is closed/abandoned. No reason to list here

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Delete request of MA

Malev is not exist since 2012. Pls. remove it!

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Europe, Hungary, Somogy, Balatonkeresztur

Balatonflugplatz dot com for more information see the home pages

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Please correct the name as follows: Budapest LISZT Ferenc... and not LISTZ Ferenc Airport

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Hevir Airfiled

Is anybody who ever landed here? Who can give any information? Runways orientation, frequencies?

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Sometimes, they use this 4-letter code, structured as an ICAO code, though it has not been officially recognized, AFAIK.

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Change of name

Right now, this airport is called "Tököl Airport" and is a civilian, private airport with AFIS. It used to be a military airbase jointly used by Hungarian Airforce and Soviet Airforce at which time it was indeed known as Tököl Air Base, but it was more than two decades ago.

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general aeroport

very-very nice aeroport

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must visit !

Visited on 26.9.2012,

very nice airport, kind staff, they've offered me parking in the hangar because of the very gusting winds. Restaurant !!

Landing was 10 EUR.

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Terminal-1 has closed

The Terminal-1 temporary closed at the end of May 2012.

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Hungarian airport:

1. Type mistake: "Budapest Listz Ferenc Internationall Airport"

Real name is: "Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport".

Please modify it.

2. MALEV Hungarian Airlines:

The company went bankrupt and liquidated.

Please remove it.

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Left out a word about P 493 NDB

I should have included the word "threshold" after "runway 16"

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P 493kHz NDB

P 493kHz is not listed. Location is north of runway 16 like an inner marker. 47 22 55 N, 17 29 28 E ~473ft.

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Airport name has changed!

New name is Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport

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Blocked runway by obstacles!

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Not a glider airport

Hi there,

LHBS is a general aviation airport. It has gliders, GA aircraft (including touring motor gliders and ultralights) and helicopters.



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Free landing

Kiskunlacháza Airport welcome you! Please use Your radio on 124,025!

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I would like this airport included in Maracsko's airport-collection (like Kiskunlacháza for example).

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Kaposvar airfield

Kaposvar airfield -civil aviation use

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gmap is not accurate

Since this image, the runway got concrate surface..

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