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Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport is an international airport serving Dublin, Ireland. It is operated by DAA. The airport is located in Collinstown, 7 km north of Dublin, and 3 km south of the town of Swords. In 2019, 32.9 million passengers passed through the airport, making it the airport's busiest year on record. It is the 12th busiest airport in Europe, and is the busiest of Ireland's airports by total passenger traffic; it also has the largest traffic levels on the island of Ireland, followed by Belfast International Airport.

The airport has an extensive short and medium haul network, served by an array of carriers, as well as a significant long-haul network focused on North America and the Middle East. It serves as the main hub for Ireland's flag carrier Aer Lingus, and is a primary operating base for Europe's largest low-cost carrier Ryanair. British charter airline TUI Airways also operates a base at the airport.

United States border preclearance services are available at the airport for U.S.-bound passengers. Shannon Airport is the only other airport in Europe to offer this facility.

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Taxi to Dublin Centre was EUR 27, which is comparable to Uber.

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Runway alignment out of date!

Due to magnetic variation runway alignment is now 260 -080 deg.

Address spelling incorrect - Charleston should read Charlestown

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(no subject)

Excellent, good view of the runway from the bar

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Castlebridge is located on the Northern outskirts of Wexford town and did at one time have an airstrip on a farm. The strip has reverted back to pastureland many years ago. The location indicated on the map is not an airfield but is in fact the centre of Wexford town! DW Aug 2016

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There is no airport here

Be advised - satellite imagery from, and terraserver only show farmland at this location. No airport is in the immediate vicinity, no runway is apparent in the vicinity. Caution is advised.

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does anybody know about reopening and ppr?

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Airport Visit


Trying to make contact with Abbeyshrule, but the e-mail address does not work!!!


Eric Osborn

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Brittas Bay Fly-In 1996

First flew into Brittas Bay in 1996 - wonderful airfield! - last visit in 1999 when told it was going to cease operations in the near future due to unhelpful EU regulation etc. Does this site mean that it is active again? If so, details would be welcome.

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Contact information

Hey guys can i get contact details I.E phone number for the land owner if possible.

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Runway perm closed 29/11

This runway, 29/11 is permanently closed.

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Great place to fly

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re: Mallow "International" Airport

Reply to @prattsoplenty: Oops; I didn't fully research that last bit. The Gulfstream in KHOU was a G-III, not this G-II. The G-III did have the XA-FOU registration at one point before being sold and registered in the US as N85VT. The G-II became N559LC.

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Mallow "International" Airport

Saw this photo on my Twitter feed: and looked further into this incident. Turns out the Mexican G-II (XA-FOU) used the race track for a fuel emergency landing after running out of options at Shannon due to fog. There was no damage so the insurance company built a runway (the asphalt seen running east-west on either side of the more recently built winner's circle) and the aircraft departed safely. Since the flight was a transatlantic flight, the International Airport tag fits. Sadly, the Gulfstream was destroyed in 2004 trying to land at KHOU, in the fog.

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re: cvk

i agree with yeah

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it looks cool

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No longer exists.

This airport was closed in 2001 and the only thing left of it is is a 90m stretch of runway between warehouses in an industrial estate.

www dot 4u2eat dot ie/castlebar/51-castlebar-airport has some history about it.

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Never been, but its on the bucket list!

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Great flying airport you gotta visit even take some lessons

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Hospitality at its best

A very friendly welcome, great food at weekends, and remarkably clement East coast weather make Newcastle one of the best airfields Ireland.

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re: .Ballyboughal International Airport

Try a smaller 747 next time.

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nice place though runway is a bit tight

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re: Powerscourt Airfield

Thank you very much - I've updated the position.

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Powerscourt Airfield

Position 53:10.787N 006:12.075W degrees:decimal minutes or

53.178301N -06.196495 (middle of runway) a bit SW of your marked position (green strip in middle of white field)

I'd say a lot of work went into this site! Congratulations

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Waterford Airport offical website

goto w w w

Up to date Waterford weather ring +353-51-877000

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Principal air base

This is the main air base of the Irish Air Corps, which is a small organization for a country this size (about 850 people and 30 aircraft).

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Birr Airport (EIBR)

I visited Birr Ireland in summer of 2005. I was looking on the Internet for a flying club in Ireland for the possiblity of 'stick time' in the various countries that my wife and I visited. The Birr Aero Club was having a fly-in during our vacation so we researched the Birr area, discovering that Birr was a wonderfull base of operations for exploring central Ireland.

Since we had visited the Oshkosh AirVenture fly-in a few weeks earlier, we thought another, much smaller, fly-in was a wonderful idea. There were two small rows of campers (caravans) that looked a little bit like Oshkosh. The Aero Club was doing 'donation flights' so that I was able to view and photograph Birr from the air.

One of the attractions is the Parsons Estate. The Parsons family have been engineers and scientists for literal centuries. One of them invented the steam turbine about 100 years ago -- the heart of modern power plants and steam ships. Another Parsons built an enourmous telescope that is on display; in fact many of the family have been inovators in optics and photography.

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