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C. C

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(no subject)


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Lost a roots canada sweatshirt zip up hoodie. Has anyone turned in? You can email at

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Missing flight

Why flight EK 530 does not show in the list of arrivals?

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(no subject)

i am planning a trip to kerela from dakar senegal. could you please tell me what airport is better for me to get to kerela please

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Solar Powered !

The airport is now completely powered by a solar farm situated right next to it. Zoom in on the map to the north west of the terminals.

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runway repair

Is there any repair being done to the runway of the international airport? How long will this go on? And what is its effect on airlines take-off/landing?

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What is wify ?

First learn the spelling. Then we will even think of implementing it.

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Even after 10 years of international status, it does not have wify facility.

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I used this Heliport.

Nice location & service by chipsan.

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Moideenkutty oorakam ( CCJ )

Calicut int airport ( Terminal,1 - Terminal,2 )

Karipur ( po )

Malappuram ( DT )

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lost mobile

i (Ajay Kumar)had lost my nokia mobile with an UAE sim at the airport on 16th afternoon ... and as i had enquired the mobile is found by the security guard over there .... please to get me the contact n0 of the person from whom i could collect it ... please do reply to

Ajay Kumar -00971506230557

Pradeep kumar (relative)-9605389099

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The first public-private partnership airport in India.

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Opened in 1999

This airport opened in 1999, taking over scheduled passenger service (and the IATA identifier COK) from Willingdon Island (VOCC).

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Former COK

This airport also served as Cochin's main civil airport until Cochin International (VOCI) took over in the mid 1990s, and also took over the COK IATA code.

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