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Well run and spacious airport

We landed here from Newark NY USA (KEWR) on United AL. Customs was friendly and easy. Take the rental car bus from terminal to the rental car lots. Don't walk or follow signs. Get off at one of five stops, depending on your reservation. Be ready for a long list of expensive car insurance choices.

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Not operational

It's still there with lots of construction equipment on the west end. Apparently it's not operational since 2011. No aircraft seeable.

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Aircraft size

What is the largest aircarft that can land at Fluðir?

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This airport was closed around 2010, and is no longer listed in the Iceland AIP.

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Daily connections with Reykjavik

If you have to do in the region very convenient. Beware that flights (Eagle airlines) take off at a separate terminal at Reykjavik domestic airport

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KEF airport

keflavik int airport ist der beste Flughafen auf island

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Airport is on the North West end of Snæfellsnes. (645441N, 0234923W).

Elevation 18 FT

There are four Runways:

06 (979x30) Asphalt Stabilized Gravel 18 m wide

24 (816X30)

11/29 (822x29) 18 m wide gravel

Frequency is 118,1MHz

Jet A1 fuel is availiable

Isavia ohf.

898 9284

Guðjón Hrannar Björnsson

436 6724 / 893 3604

Björn Jónsson

Farþegaskýli / Passenger shelter

Blikkandi kenniljós við þröskuld á

braut 06/24

THR ID lights RWY 06/24

1542 FT mastur 3NM vestur af

flugvelli / 1542 FT mast 3NM west of


According to the Icelandic AIP (14.02.2013)

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re: Spectacular approach!

Reply to @philippe: You havn't seen Isafjordur wich is a scheduled airport and the runway heading is straight in to a mountain and a narrow approach to, more spectacular!

regards Jon

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Spectacular approach!

The approach is an offset localizer with curved approach lights, down into a fjord. Interesting missed approach and departure procedure too. The scenery is unbelievably beautiful. Efficient service from the airport staff, reasonable Avgas price for Europe.

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Right downtown!

This airport is much more convenient than BIKF for GA. It's right in the middle of town. If you stay at the Loftleidir hotel, 10 meters from the FBO, you can see your aircraft from your window, although we stayed at the Hotel Holt in the center, which is very nice.

Handling and fuel is expensive, but not unreasonable.

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re: Akureryi

Reply to @Tanya: Sure as hell beats the domestic airport at Reykjavik! Loved Akureyri!

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Beautiful scenery!

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