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Landing fee - 20€

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Old airport but with good peapole making beutifull replica's.

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Need any help with transport - fuel - accommodation ?

Please call Lukas Liekis for any help in this aerodrome


Hangar rent, aircraft rent, pilot school, fuel, accommodation, transport

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The most friendly airfield fo microlight pilots.

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Airport is clossed for civilian aircrfat operations.

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Microlight pilots - call Mr. Kestutis Zelnys if an assitance is needed 00370 61637269.

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Homebuilt/experimental aircraft center

Previuosly - military airport, currently used for general aviation (experimental aircraft builders). Long - 2000 x 50 meters - runway (asphalt), hangar.

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Number-1 in Lithuania !

Located in river Nemunas river park, previuosly - had one of the biggest glider factory (during soviet occupation time 1940-1990), which is still open, but little slow, very active gliders club (organised world gliding championship 2006, European gliding championship 2011).

Skydiving activities - daily, several hangars, friendly people, small pub, pool, sauna.

Several private organizations, providing glider/aircraft repair services.

New runway (600 meters, 04/22).

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info about airport

Military base, closed. No tower, no radio.

Don't try to land. Many crap on landing zone.

Now it was used for car games, like rally, dragrace, etc.

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Kaunas airport

Very new.Small but very modern and convenient. Direct flights to Kaunas via Riga from all Europe.

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