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They're not Madagascan - the Mine Company is Canadian!

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Private Airfield

We wanted to land here but apparently the airfield is controlled by the Ambatovy Mine and the President of the mine, Tim Dobson is reluctant to allow visitors to land there. A pity.. we were hoping for better Madagascar hospitality.

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Lost Property

On November 6th 2014 I arrived at Antananarivo Airport at 23.35hrs. on Air France flight number AF934. Unfortunately I left my camera, a Canon S120 complete with a case and spare battery under my seat, A30. I informed our local guide who reported the matter to you. Has the camera been handed in to Lost Property? Sincerely, Frank Juckes.

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Car Rental

It is such a pity there are no car rental outlets at this airport, it makes visiting your beautiful country very difficult because getting about is an issue.

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Private - PPR

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Nice place to go

the picture here shows the airport in 2005 just after the runway had been prolonged. the circular open space at RWY23 is where now stands a VOR emitter. The airport handles several intl flights from/to Italy, France, La RΓ©union & Mauritius. There are of course domestic flights performed by Air Madagascar, the local, and only, and national, airline. Nosy Be is indeed a nice place to visit

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